Sprint 4G Overdrive Router

The Sprint 4G Overdrive Router is a great solution to achieve broadband speeds through the Sprint 4G network. If you’re suffering with slow DSL or dial-up access from your home or Office, you can achieve cable modem speeds with the Sprint 4G network. The Sprint 4G Overdrive Router is a personal router, a relatively new device in the market that allows you to share internet with multiple computers with a device that simply plugs into the wall or another PC. The Overdrive offers both 3G and 4G, but you’ll really only want to use this if you’re in an area that receives Sprint’s 4G network.

The Overdrive is mobile, as well. You can take it home, you can take it to the office, and you can take in on trips. Anywhere you have access to Sprint 3G or 4G, this device will give you broadband speed. The specification speeds and the typical real-world download speeds will differ, but 4G will usually be about twice as fast as 3G:

sprint 4G overdrive router speed

Setup The Sprint 4G Overdrive Router

sprint 4gYou will purchase and setup the Sprint 4G Overdrive Router just as you would any Sprint cell phone. You are, after all, using their cellular network. Once you get the device home, you will want to insert the battery and wait until it is fully charged before proceeding. The charging process should only take a couple of hours. You can then press and hold the power button to turn the device on, then double-press the button to reveal the name of the router (SSID) and the password. You will need to use this password to access the Internet so be sure to write it down.

Important: If you have a LAN connection on your PC, disable it. Or unplug your modem if you have DSL.

You should automatically see the router in your wireless network options. Select the router and put in the password you wrote down from the step above and you should immediately have access to the router and Internet.

The first time you access the router, you will see a screen that says “Welcome To Your Overdrive.” From there you can proceed to the Internet or login to the Overdrive router to change your Admin settings, such as password and encryption types. The initial Window will display the default password and the browser address you can use to access the router in the future, so be sure to write that information down.

Of course, this means your computer’s must have wireless cards installed. Most laptops will already have WiFi cards, but most desktop PCs will not. You will need to either invest in a PCI wireless card or a USB wireless card–which plugs into any USB port on your desktop computer. Visit here to buy a wireless card for your desktop computer.

Sprint 4G Overdrive Router

In conclusion, the Sprint 4G Broadband Router is a great alternative to DSL or slower ISP networks. If you have access to FIOS or Cable, you should choose either of those as they currently has faster upload and download speeds. But there are vast areas in the United States that do not have access to services that provide broadband speeds. If you are in this situation, the Sprint 4G Overdrive Router is a fantastic solution.

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