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microsoft onedrive

microsoft onedriveOneDrive, formally SkyDrive, is Microsoft’s online cloud storage solution that provides 15 Gigs of free storage space for users with a Microsoft account. Storing documents, pictures, movies and other files online is a great alternative backup solution. OneDrive can be accessed from any device. All you need to do is login to access your files. If you truly want to harness the power of your OneDrive, you can map it as a network storage device on your computer and drag and drop files into it to upload them to the cloud.

How To Map OneDrive

You will first need to sign up for OneDrive if you have not already. Once you have, you will be given a unique URL for your drive. The URL contains a CID number that is unique to your account. For example, the URL in your browser might look like this when you login to your OneDrive account:

You can map OneDrive just as you would any other drive on your network. To begin, go to your Start menu and then right click on Computer. Select Map network drive. You can select any free drive letter, but in the Folder option you will want to put the following information: UNIQUE CID NUMBER.

In the above example URL we used cw12345678910 as our unique CID number. When you map your OneDrive, you will need to substitute that number with your own.

map onedrive

The example URL we will map will be Notice we have also ticked the box to Reconnect at sign-in. Once you click finish, you will be prompted for your Microsoft OneDrive username and password. It will then connect you to your OneDrive account where you will see all of your files and folders.

You can now conveniently copy and paste files from your PC to your OneDrive cloud storage. We always recommend backing your computer up to an offsite solution, and although 15 Gigs may not be enough to copy all of your data, it should be enough space to backup your most important files. Map OneDrive to your computer today and take advantage of the free space Microsoft has given you. In addition, Microsoft is currently giving Office 365 users 1TB of data storage.

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