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TeamViewer is yet another Remote Desktop option for users to provide remote assistance for family and friends from an off-site location. It’s completely free for personal use, but they also offer a commercial license for technicians or companies that want to take advantage of its power. TeamViewer has clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and even your iPhone, so you can provide support no matter how or where you are connected. The best part is, team view takes only a few minutes to setup and there is no need to worry about IP addresses, firewalls or other things that normally make remote support a pain.

Install Team Viewer

You’ll first need to visit the TeamViewer website and download the software. If you’re on an iPhone, search the App Store to find it. After you download the software, follow these steps to install it:

install team viewer

You’ll have two options, Install or Run. Unless you know you’ll only use this once, choose Install. It is nice to know you can run it without actually installing it on your computer.

install team viewer

You’ll need to choose the type of license you will be using. If you are using it for personal, non-commercial use, tick that option and click Next.

install team viewer software

You’ll next need to decide if you want it to load each time Windows boots, or if you want the user to actually click on the application to launch it. The default is normal, so the user on the other end has to initiate the connection. Provide a connection password, then click Next.

installation of Team Viewer

You will then need to tell Team Viewer if you want to give the connecting person Full Access or if you want to confirm each and every action the remote user does. Full Access is fine, as the user can see the screen as the remote user works, so there is no need to be concerned about privacy issues.

connect with team viewer

Your final screen will display the connection ID. You will tell this to the remote person so they can connect remotely to your computer. You’ll now have the ability to perform remote support, file transfers and conduct presentations with clients. Team Viewer combines all of those abilities in one package that’s easy to install, so it’s a great choice for users of any skill level.

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