Top Tips To Stop SPAM In Emails


We have several tips to stop SPAM. SPAM accounts for nearly seventy-five percent of email traffic worldwide. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do to stop them from being sent. We can, however, prevent them from showing up in our Inbox each day. To accomplish this, you will need to change the way you behave on the Internet, as well as the settings in your email client.

Top Tips To Stop SPAM

Tips To Stop SPAMIf you have been receiving SPAM, it’s already too late for that account. Sure you can use Bayesian filters, firewalls and other Security software, but once your email address is out there on the SPAM lists, your account is tainted and should no longer be used. Instead, create a new account and choose a name that’s relatively long and not a name in the dictionary. SPAMMers will use names, places and titles when guessing email addresses. For example, it’s a good guess that is a valid email address. It it less likely that is valid. So when choosing an email account, make sure the name isn’t very common.

Now that you have a fresh email address, you need to protect it. Never give out your real email addresses on websites you do not trust. If you post your email address on a website, it’s likely to get harvested by a human being or a spider programmed to crawl the web looking for the @ symbol or the mailto: tag. You should create a fake email address using GMail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail and use that address when posting online.

Important Tips To Stop SPAM

If a SPAM message arrives in your Inbox, do not click the “Unsubscribe” link. This is will alert the SPAMmer that they have found a valid email address and open the floodgates for more SPAM to your new account. At this point, you will need to start over with a new email account.

If you use Outlook or any of the popular online email clients, they will have filters and Junk mail folders designed to help keep SPAM away from your Inbox. Be sure to configure them. As you train your Junk mail, it will gradually learn what types of mail you flag and which you allow to come through. Gmail is a great mail client that does a fantastic job of automatically filtering SPAM. With patience and new behavior towards email, you will soon be SPAM free. You should also share these tips to stop SPAM with friends, relatives and co-workers.

Post your tips to fight SPAM below and help us all be safer online.

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