Update Firefox Plugins


It is essential to update Firefox plugins to make sure there are no security exploits that need to be addressed. It’s not enough to make sure your Operating System and Firefox are up to date with the latest versions and security patches. A browser plugin is another method a malicious site can execute code on your system, so you’ll need to add checking your plugins as part of your routine security checklist for your computer.

Update Firefox Plugins With Plugin Checker

To check the security status of your major plugins, go to Firefox’s Plugin Check site and see if there are any major updates you need to install.You will see a list of the major plugins you are running and the status of their version. If there is a problem, it will recommend you update the plugin before restarting the web browser. Perform upgrades for all of the plugins and check back weekly or monthly to make sure there are no major issues.

update firefox plugins

Why should you update Firefox plugins? Aside from the obvious security risks, you might be missing out on new features with the upgrades. Old plugins can also cause your browser to crash or run slower than it should.

If you want to see which plugins you’re running in Firefox, click Tools, then Add Ons, then under the Plugins tab you’ll see a list of them.

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