Web Browsing Tips in IE

Internet Explorer is a highly capable web browser if you learn a few simple tips for navigation and search. While these will likely work on all newer versions of IE, these tips really make IE6 more usable. Newer instances of Internet Explorer, like IE7 and IE8 have greatly improved search and navigation. But many of us are still using IE6, so using these shortcuts can help save time and improve your web browsing experience.

Quick Tips to Help Navigate and Search IE

  1. Quickly open a new browser Window by hitting CTRL+N.
  2. Automatically add the http://www. and the .com by typing the website name into the browser and hitting CTRL + Enter.
  3. Search a keyword by typing it into the web browser without the http:// or the .com at the end and it will open an MSN search browser. Newer versions of IE will have a separate search box.
  4. Make text larger or smaller by holding the CTRL button and moving the scroll wheel on your mouse forward or backward.
  5. View your browser in full screen mode by hitting the F11 key. Hit it again the bring back your menus and address bar.

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