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computer repair interview

Here at PCTechBytes, Ive come to realize in my short time that there is a good solid group of techs ready and willing to help at all times of day and night. It seems that we all answer questions collectively almost 24 hours a day or as soon as a question comes in that we can weigh in on.

With all that activity going on, someone has to “stay the course” and Dave can’t take care of everything all of the time.

computer repair interviewThat’s where our capable Mods come in. Fearless, spam-blasting, hard working and level headed, they tackle it all. From general site upkeep to forum moderation of flaming and general mischievousness, they keep the collective calm of the site.

All that being said, Ive sat down via the PCTechBytes Chat and popped a few questions to Moderator Bucksfanjimj regarding the site, general PC philosophy, and overall tech goodies. Here is that interview:

Dr_Bob: We will start out simple. What kind of build do you have at home? Name brand, custom….

Bucksfanjimj: Custom
Bucksfanjimj: Asus mobo p5k-e socket 775 e8400 3,0 Wolfdale core CPU
Bucksfanjimj: 4 GBs Corsair XMS Series ram pc6400
Bucksfanjimj: 1 EVGA 460 GTX vid card
Bucksfanjimj: 2 Lite On DVD drives
Bucksfanjimj: Generic card reader, one Sony floppy drive all run by a 650 watt Corsair Enthusiast Series psu
Bucksfanjimj: Oh and 500 GB WD Black and 500 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD.

Dr_Bob: When did you get into computers/electronics?

Bucksfanjimj: About the time I joined here. 8 yrs ago.
Bucksfanjimj: I was having an issue with a game and was stumped.
Dr_Bob: So you’ve been here almost from the beginning.
Bucksfanjimj: Yeah I do believe so.
Bucksfanjimj: I find it hard to believe that’s it’s been that long…
Dr_Bob: Time flies when you do what you enjoy.

Dr_Bob: What do you do on a daily/weekly basis on the PCTechBytes forums?

Bucksfanjimj: I try to answer as many questions as I can.
Bucksfanjimj: Mostly I try to just keep things running smoothly.
Bucksfanjimj: Quiet any storms, direct traffic… take out the trash.
Dr_Bob: Sounds like duties that are needed to keep the site heading in the right direction.

Dr_Bob: If you could give one piece of advice to a new member posting a question in the forums, what would it be?

Bucksfanjimj: Be specific. Give as many details as you possibly can about the problem and about the computer. The more we know the better we can help. Just like talking to your family doctor. The better you can describe your aches and pains the doctor can make the correct diagnosis to help you make you feel better.

Dr_Bob: Any changes you would like to see made in the forums?

Bucksfanjimj: I would really like to see those who have posted with problems come back and let us know what worked and what didn’t. I get the impression sometimes that the poster thinks we know everything. Not true. We’re people just like they are and we like to learn as well.
Bucksfanjimj: It’s not just here. I’ve seen it on numerous other forums as well. Doesn’t have to be about PCs or laptops.

Dr_Bob: Do you feel like the forum side has expanded at all? Maybe taking in more questions than before?

Bucksfanjimj: It seems to be cyclical. You have times when you get so many, there’s no way to answer them all. Then there are times that there aren’t enough to keep you busy or interested.
Dr_Bob: Kinda rolls with the tide?
Bucksfanjimj: Yes

Dr_Bob: What major brand of computer, if any, do you have unwavering faith in?

Bucksfanjimj: A few years ago i would have said HP. I have 2 Pavilions circa 2003 that still run quite well. I do like Dell and Lenovo when it comes to laptops.

Dr_Bob: How do you stay up to date with the latest and greatest tech?

Bucksfanjimj: I read a lot. Since I’m not formally trained, I’ve had to do a lot of learning on my own. There a a few sites that I check out that deal with hardware. Some that i look at for fun.
Dr_Bob: Magazines as well or mostly online articles along with the hands on?
Bucksfanjimj: Mostly online stuff. Occasionally I might pick up a mag.

Dr_Bob: Whats your favorite piece of software? (cleaning, troubleshooting, analysis…)

Bucksfanjimj: Probably CCleaner as number 1.
Bucksfanjimj: Been using it for almost as long as I’ve been here. not one issue ever
Dr_Bob: That’s some good quality testing then.
Bucksfanjimj: I think so. That’s why it’s usually one of first things to do.
Bucksfanjimj: I think it works so well because it’s a conservative program.
Bucksfanjimj: Meaning it does’t go shotgun all over one’s PC. It’s deliberate.

Dr_Bob: What antivirus do you recommend, and what good trusted malware stopper would you pair with it?

Bucksfanjimj: Right now I prefer Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware. That could change as time goes on. I’ve used a few AVs over the years.
: Any you would stay away from?
: Today I would say anything by Norton or McAfee.
Bucksfanjimj: But if it’s your only choice. Better than nothing.

Dr_Bob: What is the most important component in a new build? Meaning if cost wasn’t an issue, where would you sink your money?

Bucksfanjimj: Power supply and then motherboard.
Bucksfanjimj: The PSU is the heart. A bad “heart” is a ticking time bomb.

Dr_Bob: Are you on board with the SSD (Solid State Drive) movement?

Dr_Bob: Scared to invest yet, or you think its proven?
Bucksfanjimj: It does have great potential. i still think they’re not quite there yet as to where i would invest in one. i’ve only read about a few that have been reasonably reliable. Not to mention the cost factor at the moment, but they are starting to come down in price.

Dr_Bob: Do you have any funny computer repair stories you’d like to share with us?

Dr_Bob: For instance, one time my boss tried to plug in a USB to an Ethernet port and wondered why it didn’t work….
Bucksfanjimj: I’ve have run into people that just shouldn’t have a PC period.
Bucksfanjimj: They’re not so funny as they are frustrating.
Bucksfanjimj: My sister is a poster child for that type.
Bucksfanjimj: But i love her anyway.
Dr_Bob: LOL, Ive seen those types

Dr_Bob: Any new tech you’ve been reading on you are excited about?

Bucksfanjimj: Kinda old now but the kindle/nook deal looks neat.
Dr_Bob: They are a great piece of tech. Kinda took them a bit to really get going but I do like what they have become.
Bucksfanjimj: Yes

Dr_Bob: Apple fan? Or would you rather stay away from them?

Bucksfanjimj: See, by the time I really got into PCs. There really wasn’t that much difference in the two. There are so many things that a PC can do just as well as a Mac. So I guess I don’t see a whole lot of difference in them. I don’t care for Apple’s way of doing business. A little too controlling in my opinion.

Dr_Bob: What do you like to do in your time away from the site?

Bucksfanjimj: There’s time for that?
Bucksfanjimj: Seriously. I enjoy sports. College and pro football. College hoops.
Bucksfanjimj: Baseball.
Bucksfanjimj: Big Sci Fi fan namely Star Wars.
Dr_Bob: Ahhhh, a little peek into the world of Jim.
Bucksfanjimj: Yeah you may not want to look to closely. You could go blind.
Dr_Bob: LOL
Bucksfanjimj: Or at least poke your eyes out afterwards.
Bucksfanjimj: LOL

Dr_Bob: Anything else you would like to add?

Bucksfanjimj: Not really. Just hope i can be helpful to someone at any time.
Dr_Bob: As I’ve seen you have and are.

I had to get in one last less than serious question for fun….

Dr_Bob: Pirates or ninjas?

Bucksfanjimj: Ninja
Bucksfanjimj: Sneak up on you when your not looking…
Dr_Bob: LOL, true story.

As we were wrapping up, I asked a question about Back Ups and Dave came out with SkyDrive from Microsoft. It is a very handy piece of the “Cloud” in which you can store 25GB of data and even share with other computers and people. But more to come on that in another article.


After spending nearly a year helping others along side Bucksfanjimj, I could tell he was a very intelligent, motivated, and overall good guy. You can tell by some of his answers above he is very knowledgeable in the field and mostly self taught, which I find fantastic. Anyone with that initiative would make a great Mod. Hopefully we can bring you more interviews with the Admin, Mods, and other members of PCTechBytes so you can not only understand where they are coming from, but also get a bit of a chuckle.

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