Steps To Automatically Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Plugged In

automatically disable touchpad

The following steps will show how to automatically disable touchpad usage on your laptop when you plug in an external mouse. People often experience issues with touchpads when typing and will often prefer to use an external mouse even when not using a docking station. How you disable the touchpad may vary depending on your operating system and laptop model. The following are examples of disabling the touchpad in Windows 10.

Steps To Automatically Disable Touchpad

  1. Type Devices into the Cortana Search box near the Start button
  2. In the Devices column, select Touchpad
  3. In the Touchpad section, uncheck Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected

disable touchpad

Alternative Ways To Disable Your Laptop’s Touchpad

Your laptop may have software installed by the manufacturer to control and disable the touchpad. Check the system tray down by the clock for any icons that resemble a touchpad. If found, click through the settings until you find the option to disable the touchpad when a mouse is detected.
If you do not have a drive installed that provides the settings to automatically disable touchpad functions, we recommend going to the manufacturer’s website and searching for your model. Under the support section, look for drivers and downloads, then look for a touchpad driver. Install the driver and then reboot your PC. You should then have an icon in the system tray that will give you options to disable the touchpad.
touchpad driver
In the example above, we went to the Dell support site and searched for the model E7450, clicked the drivers link and then located the appropriate driver needed to control the touchpad. The process will be similar for your make and model laptop.
In conclusion, having the option to automatically disable trackpad function is a nice feature for those of us that despise using them. If you want to explore other great laptop tutorials, be sure to check out our other laptop articles or visit the Windows forums for additional help.

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