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asus eee pc system recovery

Like most computers, you will not get an Eee PC recovery disk with your Asus laptop. The Eee PC is an Asus in the netbook form-factor. The laptop is ultra small and ultra light. As a result, the Eee PC and other netbooks suffer from the limitation of not having an optical drive. This makes performing an Eee PC recovery more challenging than your average computer. In addition, there is no logical way to create an Eee PC recovery disk through the Start menu. Fortunately, Asus has a utility you can use to recover from a hidden partition or use a USB stick to create a bootable recovery disk you can use to restore Windows in case of an emergency.

Eee PC Recovery Disk – Disable Boot Booster

Disable the Eee PC Boot Booster
Disable The Eee PC Boot Booster

The Eee PC Boot Booster shortens the boot time on the Eee PC. You will not be able to create recovery media or use the recovery partition unless you disable the Boot Booster in the BIOS setup. To access the BIOS of your Eee PC computer, boot the PC and tap the F2 key. You will enter the BIOS setup where you can easily locate the Boot Booster option and toggle it from ENABLE to DISABLE. Next, press the F10 key to save and exit the BIOS. The computer will automatically reboot, allowing you to press F9 and access a Recovery menu that had not been there previously.

Eee PC Recovery Partition

Once the Boot Booster has been disabled, you can now access the recovery options by tapping the F9 key when booting up the computer.

Eee PC Recovery Disk
The Eee PC Recovery Partition

You will see a couple of options for recovery. The first button, marked Recovery, will allow you to use a hidden partition on the hard drive to restore your Asus Eee PC to factory condition. You will lose any data you do not have saved, so create backups of your photos, documents, and other important data you do not want to lose. Follow the onscreen prompts and your computer will revert back to factory condition in a relatively short period of time.

Create An Eee PC Recovery Disk

You will have the option to create a USB or Optical recovery disk by accessing the Backup button from the same menu you accessed by pressing F9 while booting. You should create an Eee PC recovery disk before you develop problems and store this disk or USB drive in a safe place. A recovery disk is important, as a hard drive failure will also cause the recovery partition to fail.

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