Create An Eee PC Recovery USB

asus eee pc system recovery

The Asus Eee PC is one of the most popular netbook models on the market. But like any netbook, you may have noticed it does not have an optical drive, so there are no recovery disks. You can, however, create a backup of the recovery files on a USB stick, or you can also use the built-in recovery partition to revert your Asus Eee PC netbook back to factory condition. You should create a USB backup of your recovery files even if you do not plan on immediately using them.

Backup Eee PC Recovery Files on USB

To create your backup recovery files, you will need a USB storage device with at least 16 GB. Any data on the disk will be erased during this procedure, so you should buy a USB stick to use primarily for your backup recovery files and store it in a safe place when complete.

To begin, insert the USB storage device in one of the available USB ports. Boot the computer and hold the F9 key. If your Eee PC boots into Windows, you may need to first disable Boot Booster, a boot function in the BIOS that allows Windows to load faster. To disable Boot Booster, hold down the F2 key when booting your netbook. This will enter the BIOS setup screen. Under the Boot Sequence section, disable the Boot Booster, then press F10 to save and exit. Upon booting again, hold the F9 key and you will see the Recovery options screen for your Asus Eee PC netbook.

asus eee pc system recovery

Next, click the Backup button, then select your USB storage device from the menu. Click through the prompts and click Continue. When the backup is complete, click OK to close.

Note: If you turned off Boot Booster, you should turn in back on by reversing the steps above.

Perform Eee PC System Recovery Using Hidden Partition

You can recover either via the hidden partition already on your computer’s hard drive or by the USB backup device you created above. To perform a system recovery on your Asus Eee PC using the partition, boot the computer and hold the F9 key. When the Asus control panel is displayed, press the Recovery button to begin.

Perform System Recovery Using The Backup USB Device

If you need to use the USB backup files, power on the netbook and press ESC to see your boot options. Choose the USB device and press enter. When the Asus control panel appears, select Recovery. If you are given options for recovery, select Recover system to a partition and click Continue–this will delete the data on the C drive and keep the D drive unchanged.

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the recovery. When your computer boots, it should be in the same condition it was when you bought it. You should then proceed to reinstall any applications, antivirus software and run Windows Update to ensure you have all of the necessary patches and updates for Windows.

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