Toshiba Laptop Recovery and Factory Restore

recovery disks do not work

You can perform a Toshiba laptop recovery using the Toshiba Windows recovery disks or the Toshiba Windows recovery partition located on your hard drive. This type of recovery restores the laptop back to original factory condition, meaning all programs and data that were installed after purchase will be deleted. A Toshiba Windows recovery should be done if the computer suffers frequent crashes, becomes infected with a virus or suffers from performance issues.

toshiba laptop recovery

Before you begin, make sure your computer is plugged into an AC outlet. If the Toshiba Windows recovery process is interrupted, the process will fail.

Perform A Toshiba Laptop Recovery Using The Hard Drive

The computer’s hard drive contains a small partition that has all of the files necessary to perform a Toshiba Windows Recovery. Before you begin, take a moment to make sure you have backed-up any data you do not want to lose. Disconnect any printers or other other devices that were not part of the original configuration. When ready, do the following:

  • Turn the computer off
  • Power the computer on and immediately hold down the zero key.
  • If you’re given a choice between Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit, choose one.
  • A warning screen will ask if you want to continue, choose Yes.
  • Choose Recovery of Factory Default Software from the Wizard and then click Next.
  • Select Recover to out-of-box state.
  • Click through any additional warnings and when the process is complete you can press any key to restart the computer.

Create Toshiba Laptop Recovery DVDs

You can also perform a Toshiba laptop recovery using DVDs. Even if you do not plan on using the DVD method, you should burn a set of recovery DVDs as a backup. If the hard drive fails, you will need these disks after installing a replacement hard drive. The disks can be made using a utility called Recovery Media Creator. DVD -R media tends to work better than re-writable DVDs, and when creating these disks, try and buy a well-known brand.

Create the recovery media:

  • Navigate to Start, All Programs, My Toshiba and then click on the Recovery Media Creator link.
  • Select DVD or USB (DVDs are a better option).
  • Check the boxes for System Recovery Media or Application Discs. You will need two separate disks, so you will need to do one at a time.
  • Insert a blank DVD.
  • Click the Create button at the bottom of the screen.
  • When the process is complete for both disks, store them in a safe place until needed.

Use Toshiba Laptop Recovery DVDs To Perform Factory Reset

If you decide to use the Toshiba Windows recovery DVDs instead of the recovery partition, you will need both the Applications Disk and the System Recovery Media disk you created in the previous step.

  • Insert the first disk and restart the computer.
  • Immediately begin tapping the F12 key. This will bring up a boot menu.
  • Using the arrow keys, select the DVD option.
  • Click Yes if a warning screen appears.
  • The Toshiba Recovery Wizard will open. Select Recovery of Factory Default Software and then press next.
  • Select Recovery To Out Of Box State. If you have created other partitions, you can choose Recover without changing the hard drive partitions to preserve the data on the partition.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and when done, press any key to restart the PC.

The method for a Toshiba Windows Recovery may vary based on your model. You can visit the Toshiba website for information on your specific model.

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