Make Windows Default Over Ubuntu

boot to windows by default

Ubuntu Linux is great. But if you’re running a dual-boot with Windows, chances are you want Windows to boot by default instead of Ubuntu. Correcting this is an easy, two-step process. You will need to edit Grub, which is the boot loader Ubuntu uses. If you have a Windows partition on there, Linux provides you with a boot menu that allows you to choose Linux or Windows.

If you boot up the machine and walk out of the room, you will return the find the computer has timed-out and booting into the Linux environment. If this isn’t what you wanted, you are forced to reboot the machine and monitor it until you get to the boot loader where you can select Windows.

Choose The Default Operating System In Grub

If you primarily run Windows, you need to perform the following two steps to make Windows the default Operating System over Ubuntu during the boot process:

  • Boot the computer, take note what number Windows falls in list of options to choose from. In our case, it was number 5.
  • Boot to Ubuntu.
  • Open a Terminal window (Applications>Accessories>Terminal).
  • Copy and paste this onto the command line and hit enter: sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
  • Change the Grub Default from “0” to the number Windows was on the list -1. So if Windows was 5, change the value to 4 (diagram below).

boot to windows by default

The second step is to update Grub by running the following from the Terminal command line:

sudo update-grub

Once this is done, reboot your computer. Windows should now be at the top of the list and boot when the system countdown lapses.

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