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bootable clone of mac hard drive

You can make a bootable clone of your Mac hard drive using the free program Super Duper. It’s obviously good to have a clone of your hard drive, as you will not have to worry about finding and reinstalling all of your applications, data and other important information in the event your primary hard drive becomes corrupt or fails due to a hardware issue. With Super Duper, all you need to do is specify it as the boot disk and you’re back up and running in seconds.

How To Clone Your Mac

An easy way to clone Mac hard drive is to download and install SuperDuper. You can use it for free to make manual backups of your drive, or you can register your copy for $27.95 to unlock additional features like scheduling and smart updates. Once you download, you can install it by dragging Super Duper into your Applications folder. You will need a dedicated drive or at least a hard drive partitioned into two drives, as Super Duper will erase the partition and make it its own. We recommend an external hard drive such as the Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB Hard Drive.

bootable clone of mac hard drive

Select a source drive (your primary hdd) and a destination drive (partition you want to use as your bootable clone). You can select “Copy Now” to begin the copy process.

schedule mac hard drive backups

Or you can click the “Schedule” button to setup a schedule to automatically erase and copy a new bootable mac hard drive partition. The schedule option requires you register your copy of Super Duper. But the advantage is you can setup the program to create a new clone each month so you always have a good, working drive to boot from.

copy mac hard drive

When you’re ready, click “Copy Now” and Super Duper will begin making a bootable clone of your hard drive. In the event of an emergency, boot to the installation disk and specify the Super Duper drive as the boot disk using the Disk Utilities.

Do I Need This If I Run Time Machine

The short answer is no. But it really depends on your setup. Time Machine is great for daily backups, but it’s nice to have a separate hard drive dedicated as another clean source to boot from. If you have expensive programs on your mach hdd, or any other data you would be devastated to lose, run the free version of Super Duper on a different drive for added peace of mind.

In conclusion, you need a backup strategy on a Mac just as you do on a PC. They benefit of running a Mac is that it is quite easy to copy a hdd and make it bootable. So running a program like SuperDuper that can schedule and backup your drive to a state where you can quickly recover from disaster is a no-brainer. You should buy an external drive larger than your current internal drive and make a clean backup with SuperDuper and then regular saves with Time Machine to ensure your data and important programs are safe and secure.

If you have any questions about setting up these programs, or if you need help with your Mac, be sure to join our free computer repair forums and discuss it.

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