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This as a free antivirus for Macs, but do you need one? Mac computers have always had the reputation of being secure. Some would call it security through obscurity, meaning Macs are not as big a target as PCs because they hold a smaller share of the computing marketplace. While some of that might be true, it’s not impossible for threats or exploits to compromise your Mac computer. But are they such a threat you need to spend a lot of money on anti-virus software? Probably not.

There is a free anti-virus solution for Macs, however.

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Sophos offers a free antivirus for Macs that’s worth a look. If you have always wondered if you needed protection for your Mac, then you understand how important it is to keep your computer safe. Threats are out there–it’s a fact. Whether or not they are actively targeting the Mac OS is debatable. At this point, a free anti-virus solution is prudent. You can download Sophos Anti-virus for Mac Home Edition here.

Install Sophos by opening the installer package.

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The install process is pretty straight-forward. Click continue, then read and agree to their terms of use. Sophos will quickly check their servers for updates, then ask which destination drive you want it installed on. The installation is under 200MB.

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When the installation completes, you should notice a black shield in your menu bar. Sophos will monitor your computer and scan files as you open them. You should probably run a manual scan following installation. To do so, click the black shield in your menu bar and select Scan Local Drives.

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In conclusion, while the Mac OS may not be a prime target for hackers, it’s only a matter of time before Macs gain enough market share to gain the attention of hackers and virus writers. Sophos is a great free antivirus for Macs if you’re concerned about viruses and malware for your Mac.

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