How To Clear Cache In Mac OS X

Mac users realize there are relatively few maintenance tasks that need to be performed to keep your Mac OS X computer running efficiently. One of those tasks is to occasionally repair disk permissions.  The second is to make sure you occasionally clear the caches for your user account. A bloated cache can bog your system down, make programs open slowly and cause general performance issues.

Clear Caches in Snow Leopard

Normally, a cache is a good thing. It locally stores data that is commonly accessed. But you can imagine how large and outdated a cache can become. So in order to keep your Mac computer running at optimum speed, you will need to occasionally clean out these cache folders. A great free program to clear cache in Mac OS X is  Cache Out X. This free utility is simple to use. Once installed, check the folders caches you want to clear and then click the Clean button.

How To Clear Cache In Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Use Cache Out X to remove System, User, and Web Browser cache files, as well as web browser history and cookie files. Clean cache in Mac OS X monthly or more frequently depending on computer usage.

If you find your Mac computer running slower than it once did, try a cache clearing program like Cache Out X to improve your Macs performance. If you have questions regarding Mac OS X maintenance or how to clear the cache in Snow Leopard, join our free computer repair forums and ask.