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app store for snow leopard

The Mac App store launched this month for user running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The app store looks and feels just like the App store on your iPhone or iPad, and is a great place to get both free and paid Apps for your computer. The great news is, you might already have the ability to download Apps right away and not even realize it! We’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the new App store on your Mac so you can begin downloading your favorite Apps today!

How To Get The New App Store On Your Mac

You must be running Snow Leopard to get the App store. Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade to Snow Leopard if you’re not already running it.

app store for snow leopard

If you ran a recent software update, you will probably now notice a new App icon in your dock.

software update

If you do not, make sure you run a software update by clicking the Apple icon in your menu, and then by clicking the Software Update link. You will need an Apple ID to download or buy new Apps. If you already have an iPod or iPhone, then you already have an Apple ID. Launch the program and sign in to see the latest and recommended downloads. It’s also great to see they also offer a lot of free Mac Apps on the store, such as Twitter, Evernote, a Kindle App, and many others.

apps on the app store

Some people will have mixed feelings about the App store. For instance, users will probably already own some of these Apps for their iPad or iPhone, so now they have to buy them a second time for their computer. In addition, the cost of some of these apps is going to shock a lot of users. An example would be Bejeweled 3 at $19.99. People are use to spending under $10.00 for Apps on their portable devices. But there are also some great bargains, such as Aperture for $79.99–a fantastic photo manager.

One can only expect it to get better as time goes on, just as the App store did for Apple’s portable devices. In the meantime, there’s enough in there already to get anxious Mac users started.

Let us know what you think of the Mac Store!

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