Macbook Air Won’t Turn On

What do you do if your Macbook Air won’t turn on? The ultra-sleek form factor of the Macbook Air is sexy. Unfortunately, the design makes it difficult to fix problems should they arise. If your Macbook Air won’t turn on, these tips can help you find and resolve issues and get your laptop working again. Symptoms could include no video, no power, no fans or no hard drive sounds. Try the following Macbook Air troubleshooting tips before taking the laptop in for repair.

Macbook Air Won't Turn On

Try The Following If Macbook Air Won’t Turn On Or Boot Up

As always, do not do anything that will void your warranty if your Macbook is still under agreement. Generally, Macbook Air computers have very few consumer-serviceable parts, so do not open the case or you will likely void that warranty. Instead, follow these tips if your Macbook Air won’t boot up:

  • Disconnect any external devices, such as mice, external hard drives, printers, hubs, etc and see if the Macbook Air powers on after that. If it does, try to isolate the device that was causing the issue and remove it from use.
  • Unplug the power adapter from the wall and the Macbook. Wait a few minutes, then plug it back into the wall, then back into the computer. Confirm the connection is seated properly and there is no debris in the power port to prevent a good connection.
  • Try restarting the laptop by pressing the control key, the command key, and the power button simultaneously and hold for three seconds.
  • Reset the PRAM (parameter random access memory). Turn on the computer and then press and hold the Command, Option, P, and R keys until you hear a second start-up chime.
  • Reset the SMC (System Management Controller). Press the left Shift key, along with the Control, Option and power button one time.

Macbook Air Won’t Turn On – Get It Serviced

If your Macbook air won’t turn on, and if none of these techniques work, you’ll need to make an appointment with Apple. Look for a local Apple Store near you.


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