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move data from a pc to a mac

You can move data from a PC to Mac using the Migration Assistant provided by Apple. As more and more people decide to move from a Windows computer to a Mac, it could be a challenge moving your life from one platform to another. The Migration Assistant allows you to easily connect your Mac and PC over the network and create a new Mac user account based on the account located on your Windows PC. This method is recommended for moving a lot of data at once. If you only have a few things you want to move, an external storage device might be a less involved process.

Transferring Files From A PC To Mac Using Migration Assistant

The Migration Assistant is quite similar to the Easy Transfer Wizard Windows uses to move account information from one Windows PC to another Windows PC. In this case, however, the data is being moved to another platform, entirely. To begin, you will first need to install the Migration Assistant on your PC.

move data from pc to mac

Once done, you will launch the Migration Assistant on the Mac by going to Go>Utilities>Migration Assistant.

migrate data from a pc to a mac

When the Migration Assistant launches on the Mac, you will select the first option to move files from a PC to this Mac.

copy files from a computer to a mac

Type in the Mac’s administrator’s password when prompted to proceed.

pc to mac

You will then select the first option “From another Mac or PC.” and then click Continue.

copy files to mac

Migration will scan the network and, hopefully, locate your Windows computer.

Use the code displayed on your Mac computer and input that code in the box displaying on the PC to link the two systems. You will then be shown a list of categories that can be moved from the PC to the Mac.

To transfer a user account, which includes pictures, movies, music, documents, downloads, email messages, contacts, calendars, purchased iPhone or iPod apps, and bookmarked websites, select the checkbox next to User. You can also click the “+” button beside each to select or deselect subcategories in each group. When ready, click Continue.

The Migration Assistant will then begin the process of copying the data from the PC to the Mac. A new account will be listed containing information moved from the Windows machine. You should be able to see mail accounts, iTunes information and other data you selected to be migrated over. If anything was missed, you can go back and manually copy things over using a thumb drive or other media. For more information on moving files from a PC to a Mac, read our other Mac tutorials.

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