Setup Parental Controls on Mac OS X Lion

If you have children, you might want to take a moment to setup Parental Controls in Mac OS X Lion. Parental Controls allow you to setup limitations to the computer, Apps, Utilities and websites. Limiting access to things an account can do will help prevent accidental removal of files, hardware and other problems an inexperienced user cause. Fortunately, creating an account with Parental Controls is extremely easy in OS X Lion.

Setup Parental Controls

Use the following instructions to either create a new user account or convert an existing account to one with Parental Controls. In order to manage Parental Controls in Mac OS X, you should be logged in as Administrator and know the password to make changes to the system.

Parental_Control Preferences

To begin, click the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and then choose Parental Controls under the System section.

Parental Controls Setup

Next, choose whether you’d like to create a new account or convert an existing one over.

Parental Control Create Account

If you create a new account, type in the Name, Account name, and a password with a hint (optional).

Parental Controls Options

You will see several tabs across the top. You will be able to select Parental Control options for Apps, Web, People, Time Limits and Other. Under Apps, you can use a Simple Finder that displays a limited view of the desktop.

Parental Control Options

The Web tab allows you to either allow total access to websites, attempt to block just adult sites, or add access to only the websites you specify. The latter option is great for younger kids you do not want accidentally accessing improper sites on the Internet. Click the Plus tab to add websites and the minus tab to remove websites from the list.

Parental Controls Time Limits

The Time Limits section is great for specifying when and how long this user can use the computer. This is especially useful for portable computers being used in bedrooms or other locations away from direct supervision. You can set usage limits for weekdays and weekends, as well as specifying how late your child can use the computer by specifying a bedtime time limit.

The People tab controls email and iChat options, and the Other tab is used to set Printer privileges, CD and DVD burning and the ability for this user to change the password for their own account.

When finished, click the lock icon in the lower left corner of the parental control window to prevent further changes to this account.

Parental Controls Summary

Parental Controls are necessary to protect both your computer and your child. These options can be setup in minutes and reconfigured as your child matures and needs addition access to websites and computer functions. If you’re looking for parental control options for your PC, be sure to checkup how to set Parental Controls in Windows here.

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