Run Windows 8 On A Mac

You can run Windows 8 on a Mac several different ways, but the easiest way is to use free virtualization software such as Virtual Box. There are several steps you must perform to get this to work properly. In this tutorial we are using Mac OS X Lion and have downloaded both the Windows 8 Developers Preview and the Virtual Box software for Mac OS X. Keep in mind, you can also use these instructions to run Windows 8 on a PC. Just make sure you download the appropriate software for your PC. In addition, your PC must support virtualization (Not all PCs do.)

Installation Procedure To Run Windows 8 On A Mac

The first thing you will do is install the Virtual Box software. When done, click the blue New icon in the upper left-hand corner.

In the Name field, name the Windows 8 virtual installation anything you want. In our example, we are using Windows 8 Dev. In the Operating System drop downs, select Microsoft Windows and Windows 7, then click Continue.

Next, select the amount of memory you want the virtual machine to use. Keep in mind, you will be borrowing memory from your Mac OS. In our example, we are using 2 GBs out of our available 8 GBs of RAM. Click Continue.


In the Virtual Hard Disk section, check the box Start-up Disk and then tick the radio button Create new hard disk. Click Continue.


You will then need to allocate a specific amount of hard drive space for the installation. 20GBs is recommended. Click Continue.


Wait for the virtual machine to be created.


Once done, you will want to perform some tweaks for efficiency. First click the Settings icon at the top of the screen. Then select System. Under the Motherboard tab, tick Enable I/O AIPC. Under the Processor tab, check Enable PAE/NX. Then under the Acceleration tab, check both VT-x/AMD-V and Nested Paging. Click OK.


You now need to point to the Windows .ISO file you downloaded from the Microsoft site. Do this by clicking the DVD icon to the right of the CD/DVD Drive attribute. Once you click on the .ISO file, it will appear under the IDE Controller in the Storage Tree section on the left. Click OK.


Installation Complete – Run Windows 8 On A MAc

You’re ready to begin using Windows 8 on a Mac. Click the Start arrow at the top and the Windows 8 disk will launch. Setup is just like any other Windows install. Click through the screens, select Custom when asked what kind of install you want to perform, then follow the onscreen prompts until Windows 8 completes the installation and loads to the new Metro desktop. If you have questions on how to run Windows 8 on a Mac, join our free forums, or read our other Mac tutorials.

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