Because Its Cool: O2 Hurrican Computer Duster

Dust is not only disgusting–it’s a computer killer! Your PC is like a vacuum cleaner, constantly pulling dust, hair and other debris into your computer grills. Your fan speed is affected by dust build-up, and layers of it on your motherboard, video card and CPU can eventually harm your components.

We all know this, of course.

But traditionally, you had to use compressed air in a can that only works for a few seconds at a time and often ends up spraying chemicals all over your components.

The O2 Hurricane Computer Duster is a cordless and canless air duster that blows air at 200 mph. One charge lasts as long as 20 cans of compressed air, and you can recharge and use it over and over again. Check out the video below to see how powerful this thing is:

It goes without saying this is a must-have for business that have a lot of computers, or shops that perform maintenance on computers. But it’s also great for the home, as you can use it as a mini air-compressor for cleanups of all sorts.

You can get the O2 Hurricane Computer Duster here. Let us know what you think!

About the Author: Dave

David is a tech professional with over fifteen years of experience in the IT fields of hardware, software and system administration.

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