Because It’s Cool: ION iCADE Arcade Cabinet

Originally shown as an April Fools joke on the ThinkGeek website, the ION iCADE Arcade Cabinet for the iPad is now a reality. For those of us who prefer to game “old school” this upright arcade shell was built for the iPad and can play over 100 games in the “Atari Greatest Hits” app (sold separately).

icade1To setup, all you need to do is slide the iPad into the cradle. Since the iCADE uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad, there’s nothing else you need to do.

The arcade cabinet looks like the real deal, with a joystick, buttons and colorful side panels we expect to see on a full-sized arcade machine. So put your imaginary quarter up and get ready to play Atari Classics like Asteroids, Tempest, Missile Command, BattleZone and more.

Take a look at the ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad.

The iCADE cabinet accommodates all full sized iPads.

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