Stats Revealed: PCTechBytes Users Preference In Technology

Ever wonder what browser, Operating System and version of Windows everyone else is running? I do. So I decided to take our loyal readers behind the scenes and peel back the PCTechBytes stats curtain. This is important information. It helps us see if we’re falling behind in our choice of technology. Where do you fall? Are you running an obsolete web browser or Operating System?

While the polls we run are great, these are cold hard stats.

Most Popular Operating System

By far, PCTechBytes visitors use Windows to access our site.


Surprisingly, iOS is the second most popular OS with Mac and Linux below even the Android platform.

What Version Of Windows Is Most Popular

These stats were about what I expected. Windows 7 remains the most popular OS our readers are using to access our site. Old Reliable XP is still the second.


Windows 8 appears to be making a surge in popularity as more and more people buy new computers.

What Browser Is Most Popular

Internet Explorer is still the most dominate browser used by our readers.


Chrome and Firefox are almost tied for second while Opera brings up the rear in popularity.

What Version Of IE Is Most Popular

The good news is most people are using an up to date version of IE. Internet Explorer 9 and 10 dominate the stats.


If you fall into the red and yellow categories here, consider using a more current version of IE for compatibility and security.

What Have We Learned

These stats are only a snippet of our traffic taken over the past thirty days. They reflect that many of our users are still clinging to older technology, potentially exposing themselves to security flaws and compatibility issues. Yes, XP is great, but its days are numbered. Consider upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 as soon as you can. But the most alarming part of this is that there are still users running Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. Upgrade your version of IE now. Otherwise, you’re opening yourself to compatibility and security issues.

To find out what version of IE you have, either click the little gear icon at the top of your browser window, or click Help. Next click About Internet Explorer. If you’re running anything under IE 8 (in XP) upgrade IE now. Windows 7 and Windows 8 should be on versions IE 9 and IE 10.

Let us know what you are using and whether or not you plan on upgrading in the near future.

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