169.254.x.x IP Address

If your computer suddenly loses local and Internet connection, you may have been assigned an address in the 169.254.x.x IP address range. This is a common issue with computers that are set to Obtain An IP Address Automatically through the router via DHCP. If for whatever reason your computer cannot get an IP address automatically, it makes one up in the IP address range between to It uses this address range to reduce the likelihood it will conflict with other, valid, IP addresses on your network.

Fix 169.254.x.x IP Address

There are a lot of reasons why your computer cannot connect to other computer on your LAN or to the Internet and produce a 169.254.x.x IP address. The following should help you troubleshoot connectivity issues:

Reboot the network. Start by turning off the computer, router and modem. Unplug the router and modem’s power. If the modem has a backup battery, disconnect that as well and let everything sit for a couple of minutes. If you have hubs or switches on the network, disconnect them, too. Next, plug in the modem (and battery if it has one) and wait until you have all green lights. Then plug in the router and wait until you have all green lights, and then boot up the computer. Check your network and Internet status again and see if you’re still experiencing problems.

Check Other Computers – If you have more than one computer on the network, try checking their IP address and see if they also have an IP address similar to 169.254.x.x. To do this, go to Start then Run and type cmd and hit OK. At the command line, type ipconfig /all and hit enter.

169.254.x.x ip address

You should see the IP address of the computer. If it is working properly, it might have an IP address similar to or (depending on your router’s IP address). If it also has a 169.254.x.x IP address, then there is a problem with the router or the infrastructure between the router and the computers.

Check Router Settings. You can login to your router and check the settings to make sure they are correct. You will need to follow the instructions from your router manufacturer to login. Typically, you will open your web browser and type in either or and hit enter.

Linksys DHCP

This will bring you to your router’s login page. Login and look for the setting that says DHCP and make sure it is enabled. Since your computers are looking for an IP address via a DHCP server, this must be enable for the router to provide them with IP addresses.

169.254.x.x IP Address Conclusion

Check Your Cabling – If you are getting an IP address other than, then you know your computer’s network adapter is enabled. So if your router is configured properly, then you might have a cabling issue between your computer and the router. Check to make sure the LED on the back of the computer where the Ethernet cable (network cable) plugs in is lit and plashing green. If it is amber color or not lit at all, then there’s a problem with the physical connection. Replace the cable or try a different port on the back of the router and see if you continue to get the 169.254.x.x IP address.

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