Access files online with Pogoplug. You know how important it is to backup your data. But it’s difficult to share those files online with your friends when you have the external drive beside your computer at home. Or if you want to access some of your data from work, you need to open ports on your router and do other complicated networking work. The Pogoplug makes it easy to have a network attached storage backup device. The best part is, the hard drive doesn’t even have to be a network hard drive. Since the Pogoplug has a USB port, you can plug in any USB drive and instantly access your data from any computer at home or while you’re away from the office. Consider it a online storage device.

pogoplug network drive

Access Files Online

The Pogoplug is a simple device that has an Ethernet plug in the back and a USB plug in the front. It plugs directly into your router. Once you connect everything, all you have to do is create your free Pogoplug account online and you’re all set.

Friends Can Share And Access Files Online

You can share your online storage drive with friends by creating folder shares and emailing the link. It’s a great way to open up a single folder of the drive while keeping the other folders private.

online data storage

To do this, highlight the folder on your Pogoplug drive and select the Share icon.

Access Files Online

Pogoplug Makes It Easy To Access Files Online

You can send the link to that file to a friend or family member, allowing them access to your network online storage backup. Pogoplug is a very convenient device that adds networking functionality to your current external drives and allows you to gain access to that your data online from anywhere in the world. If you do not already have an external drive, you’ll need to buy one. This device only converts existing drives into an online storage drive so you can share data and stream music online. If interest in converting your external hard drive to a network attached storage backup, check out the Pogoplug and access files online today!