Choose Wireless Connection Over Wired

network adapter properties

You can choose wireless connection over wired if you want to use the WiFi to surf the web by default and use the Ethernet connection for your local network. This sounds like an odd thing to want to do, but what if you use a 4G network for broadband? In this case, you’d need to make some changes in your network adapters to tell Windows which priority to use for the cards. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the Internet unless you disable the wired connection, which could kill your LAN.

Change The Metric In Your Network Adapter

The way to instruct Windows to prioritize a network adapter is to change its metric. Typically, the wired connection is faster than wireless, so it will have a lower metric than the wireless adapter. To choose the WiFi connection over wired in Windows 7, you’ll need to go into the control panel and select Network and Sharing, then Change adapter settings.

network adapter properties

Next. highlight the TCP/IPv4 entry and then select Properties.

advanced network settings

Then click the advanced button.

change metric setting

You will then need to uncheck the Automatic metric box and then set the metric as 2 for the wired connection. Click OK, then go through the same steps for the wireless connection but set the metric as 1 for that adapter. Windows will then choose the WiFi connection over the Ethernet adapter whenever you open your web browser.

Again, this is an unusual circumstance, as you will generally want to use the faster, wired connection, But if you live in an area where broadband is not readily available, you might opt to go for a 4G service. In that circumstance, you would want to change the metric on your network adapter to prioritize the WiFi over wired.

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