Clone MAC Address

clone MAC address linksys

The ability to Clone MAC Address options is necessary for your router to connect to the Internet. A MAC address is a 12-digit code assigned to a unique piece of hardware for identification. Most ISPs will require you to register a MAC address in order to access the Internet. If you do not want to re-register the MAC address with your ISP, you can assign the MAC address you have currently registered (with your computer) with your ISP to the Router with the clone MAC address feature.

When do you need to do this? You will need to do this if you are adding or upgrading or resetting your router because your computer’s MAC address was previously registered with your Internet Service Provider. You want to make sure you clone MAC address of the computer you had originally accessed the Internet with.

Clone MAC Address Linksys

To clone your PC’s MAC address, you’ll need to login to the Linksys router through your web browser. In most cases this can be done by going to Login to the router and do the following:

clone MAC address linksys

  1. Click The Setup tab.
  2. Select MAC Address Clone.
  3. Enable Mac Address Cloning.
  4. Click the Clone Your PC’s MAC button.

After You Clone Mac Address

The MAC address boxes will automatically populate after step four. Your router is now properly registered with your ISP and can allow other computers inside the network to access the Internet. Clone MAC address cable modem options can be problematic to find in the router settings, but is something to check if you are having connectivity issues.

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