Configure D-Link Router QoS

Quality of service

You can easily configure your D-Link router to give priority to certain packets over others. This is called “traffic shaping,” meaning you are determining which packets have the right-of-way on your network. This is also know as Quality of Service (or QoS). Not all routers have this ability, but if your model does, you can configure D-Link QoS quickly if you know specifics about your computer’s settings. If your router doesn’t appear to have this ability, try downloading the latest firmware and try again, as this feature might have been added later.

How To Configure D-Link Quality of Service

You will need to know the IP addresses for each computer you want to assign QoS rules for. The easiest way to do this is to assign a range of IP addresses you know your router will use first. For example, if your D-Link router has an IP address of, then you know it will begin assigning IP addresses to computers beginning with If you have game consoles, printers and other specialty devices, you may want to assign them static IP addresses above a specific range to make QoS easier to configure.

To enable QoS in your router, go to your web browser and type in and login with your username and password. You will find the QOS Engine under the advanced tab.

In the image below, we have configured a number 1 priority for a range of computers in our office. We have then given second priority to an Xbox game console. We gave the Xbox a static IP address so it would remain well above the number of PCs we had in the office. Since Internet and VoIP access are important to the PCs in the office, we gave them priority over the game console to preserve bandwidth and improve reliability.

configure-dlink QoS

It doesn’t matter how fast your Internet connection is. You should still consider setting up QoS on your router to give priority to some machines over others. While the above example is for a D-Link DIR-825 router, setting up Quality of Service on Linksys and other routers is a very similar process. It’s also important to write down all of your settings and any changes you make. If something goes wrong, you can always either revert the router back to factory defaults or use your notes to step the settings back.

Refer to your router manual or website for specific documentation. If you still have questions about Dlink QoS, let us know.

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