Crossover Cable Diagram For Making Networking Cables

ethernet crossover cable diagram

The following is a crossover cable diagram. Ethernet crossover cables are not used that often, but they are useful for connecting computers directly together in a small home network or in a circumstance when you need to quickly get data from one PC to another. It’s important to have one around, as sooner or later you’ll need one for something. With that said, they can be expensive. We recommend making your own network cables, as they can be cheaper and you can make a cable directly to your length specifications.

The following Ethernet crossover cable diagram represents the wiring for a Cat5 and Cat5e crossover cable:

crossover cable diagram

The crossover cable diagram shows the transfer and receive wires are “crossed.” This allows the computers to talk directly to each others. In normal setups you’ll use a straight-through cable, where the wires are the same on each side. Computers are able to talk to each other with straight through cables because the routers, switches and hubs do the crossover internally.

Read how to make network cables here. Be sure to mark your crossover cable with tape or a permanent marker, as it will inevitably get mixed in with your straight-through cables and make your life miserable. We recommend making three crossover cables. One can be a few feet long, the second can be around ten feet long, and a third can be as long as you want. These cables aren’t used for long runs, so several short crossover cables will be more beneficial than a single long cable.

Tools Needed To Make Your Own Crossover Cables

Use the following tools in addition to the crossover cable diagram to make your own cables.

Network Cable Crimp Tool Kit

500ft CAT5E Cable

If you have made your oven crossover cables or standard patch cables, let us know if you have any tips. The crossover cable diagram above should help you make your own cables, but if you have any questions about these crossover cable diagram instructions, let us know in the comments below.

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