Default Belkin Router Password

belkin default router password

The Belkin router password is no password at all. Leave the field blank and press enter at the admin log-in screen. This will not work for routers that have previously been configured, as a password would have been added during the initial configuration. If this is the case, you will need to examine the router for the tiny recessed button on the back that resets the router to factory defaults. Belkin different routers that have various methods for resetting it. Some will require that you leave the device plugged in while depressing the button for seven seconds. Some will require that the router be turned off. You can find specific setup and restore setting for your Belkin router on their website. But a few quick tries with both methods should work.

Belkin Router Password
Belkin Router Password

How To Use Belkin Router Password

You will then need to open your web browser and type and hit enter. You should see the login screen. Just hit enter with no password and go about configuring your router. Be sure to add a password and setup and wifi security, such as WPA-2 so users will require a password to get onto your wifi network. If you do not add a password, the default Belkin router password will remain blank and any knowledgeable user will be able to gain access to your network.

Belkin Router Password And Other Guides

Keep in mind you can get the complete Belkin router setup guide directly from Belkin. This is recommended, especially if the Belkin router password and reset option we provided above does not work with your particular router model. Newer routers may emerge that have a different default Belkin router password than the one we provided in this tutorial. If you have qquestions about the Belkin router password, please join our free tech forums for more help.

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