Reset D-Link Default Password

You may need to occasionally dlink default password. The default D-link router login is admin with no password. With that said, you probably cannot login to your router because D-link requires you to change this default login the very first time you login to set it up. If you have a router you setup a long time ago and have forgotten its password and settings, you will likely have to reset D-link default password.

PCTechBytes Guide to D-link Default Login

PCTechBytes Guide to D-link Default Login

If you look at the back of your D-link router, you will see a pin-hole. Inside that hole is a button that resets the router.

d-link default password

Insert paperclip to depress reset button

Perform A D-link Default Password Reset

To perform the reset, insert the end of a paperclip in the hole and depress the button for about ten seconds. Leave the router on during this time. It will reboot by itself and the WAN light will begin flashing on the front.

When it stops, the router is reset and you can login to it using your web browser. Just type and click enter. You should see the D-link login window.  Type admin without a password and you will be presented with the default d-link settings again. Configure a new password and wireless settings and your router will now be accessible again.


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