Disable Router SSID Broadcast For Security

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You can disable router SSID broadcast and then connect to the router manually to improve security. This isn’t really necessary if you have WPA-2 enabled and have a secure password, but some people might prefer to have their router in stealth mode. When neighbors or strangers driving around down your street browse for a wireless connection, you might not want anyone to “see” your router. So, disable SSID broadcast and then set up a manual connection in Windows 7.

Disable Router SSID Broadcast in Linksys

Step one is to log in to the router and turn off the disable SSID broadcast. D-link, Linksys, Netgear and other routers handle this process differently, but you should find the SSID broadcast option in the Wireless settings of the router’s configuration.

disable router ssid

Log in to the router and set the SSID broadcast to Disable.

connect to router with no SSID

In Windows 7, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. Then click on the “Connect to a network” option.

connect to router with no SSID

Next, click “Manually connect to a wireless network.”

connect to router with no SSID

Lastly, fill in the details about your router. While you disabled the broadcast, the router still has its SSID–it just isn’t announcing it to the entire world. Type the SSID in under “Network name.” Select the security type (WEP, WPA-2, etc) that your router uses. Then put in the password where it says “Security Key.”

You can choose the option to “Start this connection automatically” if you will be using this WiFi connection frequently.

Why Disable Router SSID Broadcast

Disable router SSID to improve security, but keep in mind this can make connecting other devices, such as phones, tablets and gaming consoles a nightmare. Some devices may not let you manually input an SSID. If the device does not detect the your router SSID, it simply may not allow you to connect. So, depending on your need for wireless privacy, you may opt to either disable router SSID broadcast or simply give the router a name no one can associate with you and a strong WPA-2 password.

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