Duplicate IP Address Found On Network

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A duplicate IP address can cause connectivity issues. In the age of networking where every device and appliance in the house has an IP address, it is not uncommon to receive a “duplicate IP address found on network” error message. This can occur when you have a static IP address assigned to another computer or device as well as a DHCP server running on the network. For instance, if you set your network printer up with a static IP address, the router might make a mistake and accidentally assign that same IP to a client computer on the network. The problem with this is it will likely result in lack of networking capability for one or even both devices.

Duplicate IP Address

It is important to have components like printers assigned a static IP address because new users and computers need to know how to access them during setup. Therefore, to resolve a duplicate IP address problem, a change in the DHCP server needs to happen. A DHCP server will typically be a router. You will need to log-in to your router and change the DHCP range to something outside of the static range you use to manually assign IP addresses.

If you have several printers and computers that use IP address like through then you will need to begin the DHCP range at a safe number like through This way, you can still have a mixture of static IP addresses and DHCP addresses and they will no longer conflict with each other.

Avoid Duplicate IP Address With DHCP

If you do not have any networked printers, the easiest way to maintain a home network is to have every computer given an IP address by the router. As your network scales, you will find it is almost impossible to keep machines organized unless you allow the router to do it for you.

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