How To Configure A Linksys WRT54G

This tutorial will help teach you how to configure a Linksys WRT54G router. The Linksys WRT54G broadband router is one of the most popular consumer routers there are. Linksys makes configuring your router easy. This article will walk you through the initial setup options for this particular model, but many of the basics we talk about here can be applied to any router setup. Setting up the router consists of four basic steps, such as Testing your Internet connection, connecting your hardware, setting up the connection and power cycling the entire network. Aside, from setup, we’ll also describe some security concerns so you can make an educated decision on the administration of your home network.

How To Configure A Linksys WRT54G

How To Configure A Linksys WRT54G – Test Your Internet Connection

You’ll first want to make sure your Internet connection actually works. If you haven’t already, plug the cable modem directly into the back of the computer and make sure you can get onto the internet. You may need to reboot the machine first.

Connect The Modem and Router to the PC

Now that we have confirmed the Internet connection works, the next step is to connect the modem to the router and the router to the PC. The modem will attach to the router’s Internet Port. You will then attach the router to the PC via any of the four Ethernet ports in the rear. Check the LED lights in the front of the router to confirm all of the connections are properly made. The Power, WLAN, Ethernet Port to PC and the Internet should all be lit.

How To Configure A Linksys WRT54G Through Your Web Browser

With all connection made, you will now need to login to the router via your web browser. Type and hit enter. You should see the login screen. Leave the username blank and type admin as the password and hit enter.

You will now need to learn how to configure a Linksys WRT54g router’s connection to the Internet. Under the Setup / Basic Setup section, make sure the router is setup to Automatic Configuration – DHCP. This allows the router to receive an IP address from your Internet Service Provider.

Next, go to the MAC Address Clone tab in the same area and enable Mac Address Cloning. This allows the router to clone your PCs MAC address, as the ISP may require this.

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Now that everything is configured, you’ll want to power cycle everything. This is done to make sure everything has an IP address from the modem all the way through to the PC. To power cycle, shutdown everything. Unplug the modem and router power source. Shutdown the computer. Plug in the modem and wait for all green lights. Next, plug in the router and wait a few minutes until its lights are also green. Lastly, boot up the PC. You should have an Internet connection.

Change the Linksys WRT54G Router Password

You noticed when setting up the router, that there was a default username of nothing and a password of “admin.” Be sure to log back into the router once everything is running properly and type in a username and change the password. If you don’t, a hacker that sees you have a WRT54G router could login to the router with the default credentials.

If you need additional help on how to configure A Linksys WRT54G, read more on Linksys Routers

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  1. thank you so much. I spent a lot of airtime on the phone with my ISP provider tech and in the end they said they couldn’t help me cause it wasn’t their router. I think they just wanted me to lease theirs for 5.00 a month. They could of told me all I had to do is enable MAC cloning like you did which fixed the problem. Your site was very helpful as I got internet back.

  2. I have a BlackBerry and im unable to connect it to the Wi-Fi router in my house. (When i do try, it says its not able to obtain the I.P address). When i go out and try it in a free space that gives Wi-Fi, I get connected.
    I wanted to know to fix my problem (Im sure it’s not with the BB).

    Thank You.

  3. I recently had to reinstall XP on a desktop that was the core of my network. (Replaced hard drive and did a reinstall, etc.) The network settings were lost in the process. My router is functioning and sits between the modem and the computer. Internet is working. My wireless laptop sees the router and can access the internet. Desktop accesses internet as well.

    I want to re-establish the ability to share files on the desktop with laptop and print through the printer attached to the desktop.

    1. That’s no problem. You will need to first turn on file and print sharing, and when you install the printer you can later right-click on it and then select sharing. Probably the easiest way to do all of this is to run the XP network setup wizard in XP. To start the Network Setup Wizard, open Control Panel, double-click Network Connections, and then click the Set Up A Home Or Small Office Network link under Network Tasks in the left panel.

      You will then need to create a disk that you can take to the other computers and run–this will set them up so they are networked with the main desktop.

      1. David,

        I have a WRT54GTM, on Linux LAN as the WiFi gateway. I need to config it with pass thru, from win laptops, so File Sharing and Printer on the LAN is seen. Linux is already sharing the printer and files using SAMBA from the main gateway computer to all other computers on the LAN, but this has something to do with opening one of the IP addresses for DMZ or something else like that.

        What steps do you recommend?



  4. Hi David and thanks for your help. Some questions:
    – Do these steps also apply to the WRT54GL as well?
    – The PC that would be physically wired to the router has NIS2011 installed. Since the router has a built in firewall, do I still need it? Or will the PC’s firewall be an extra layer of security when added to the router’s firewall?
    – Can I turn off the wireless network of the WRT54GL and keep it only as a physical router when I’m only using the PC physically connected to the router and not using any wireless access device? If so, do I need to reboot each time I turn on the wireless router or is it “plug and play”?
    – I’m using a DSL Cisco modem directly connected to my PC’s NIC. Adding the router physically connected to my PC will slow down my internet connection a bit or there’ll be no difference as compared to my current config?

    1. Yes, they should work for the GL, as well.
      Yes, you can still run the PC firewall. If you have Universal Plug and Play turned off on the router, you probably do not need it. I just run the firewall that comes with Windows.
      Yes, you can turn off wireless. The router will reboot itself if it needs to.
      No difference in speed if you add a router.

  5. My Linksys router doesn’t work anymore, it doesn’t turn on. There are no power lights even after plugging it, it doesn’t turn ON.. Please help me ASAP.

    Thank you!

    1. Sounds like a good opportunity to upgrade. You spend time and money trying to determining if the power supply has failed–even if you can find a replacement, you’re probably better off just getting a new wireless N model.

  6. I am trying to set up my router but i don’t have the power cable, so i used a different one. the power light on my router wont stop blinking and i have tried reseting it. I think the power supply is to low of Volts. What kind to i need to buy? (how much voltage

  7. hi, I,m using a wired broadband connection, but now i want to set a wireless network.i have 3 laptops that i wanna set-up here at home. someone gave me this wrt54g linksys router and i tried to configure it but i,m so frustrated that i cant seem to get it done. I’ve tried a couple of times but still its not detecting any wireless network… when i first tried, somehow it detected a wireless network (dd-wt) but it asked for a password. so i tried to reset the router. then carefully followed everything but now its not detecting any w-network. i don’t know if i,m missing something.. i really need your help.thanks

    1. So you’re able to login to the router settings? Make sure that DHCP is turned on, make sure that broadcast SSID is on. Note the name of the SSID (router) this is the name you should see when the laptops find the router’s signal.

  8. I have this router (ver 6) and upgraded my 32 bit laptop and 64 bit desktoop to windows 7 and could not get connection from my motorola surfboard cable modem, through this router.
    tried all the fixes you can find on the internet (e.g. set ip to, disabled home network provider in services, disabled ip6; tried to manually configure everything, etc etc.)
    what finally worked was :
    confirm internet connection via cable modem with direct connection to cable modem from laptop.
    remove cable from modem and plug into rougter internet slot; run a cable from pc to router
    reset the modem (30 seconds) and reboot computer.
    log on to router at with default password ‘admin’ and find and use the ‘clone mac’ tab and enter the hardware address of the NIC of the (my case: laptop) into the router.
    do the same under wireless (allow these mac addresses to connect via wireless) and enter mac address for wireless nic card.
    I was then able to connect through the router by cable and by wireless. (wireless was wpa2 personal)
    this also totally fixed my 64 bit desktop problem – i did not have to do anything other than plug in a cable from the desktop to the router.

  9. am grateful for this tutorials and guidance. am new in the field but hope i will be able to learn and be great as you. please send me more tutorials; networking, troubleshooting computers and many more. i will be more than gratefi. thank you

  10. I have a linksys wireless WRT54GS. How do I keep someone from accessing the internet through my router? I have 2 home computers and a laptop computer that I use to access it, but I don’t want anyone else to be able to do so.


    1. I assume you are talking about wireless–that us the only way anyone can connect to the router without physically connecting to it. In the router setup, you need to go under the wireless settings and setup wpa-2 encryption. Give it a pass phrase and the next time a wireless device tries to connect to the internet it will ask for that password.

  11. Ugh, I just tried to set up my new Nook, which wouldn’t connect to my router using wi fi. And now my laptop won’t connect to the internet unless it is plugged in. It doesn’t seem to want to recognize it wirelessly. HELP!!

  12. I have PC and MAC computer. I want to use WRT54G for both, making the MAC (Wireless), and hard wired on PC. Can I set up things using the MAC computer or must I use PC hardwire for initial set-up?

  13. I have a Linksys wrt110 router. For my telephone system I use Vonage.
    I have a PC running XP hooked up to a wireless connection to a Laptop running Vista. Of course my wiring setup is a little different because of running Vonage.The telephone and internet work just fine. What I am trying to do is just increase my security on my router from WEP to WAP or WAP2. change passwords, etc. I have gone into my Linksys router with and made changes from my PC, but when I try to make those same changes to my Laptop it will not open to make the changes that I made on the PC. So… the question is how do I do that?

  14. I recently changed my internet provider. In setting up the new one, my pc could connect to my router but the router wasn’t secured. I followed directions I found on the internet for securing the router. I did something in that process and the pc can no longer connect to the router. I saved the config.bin file before I started and thought I could restore that file and try again. But I can’t find directions for restoring it. Anyone know how to?

    1. Can you plug into the router and connect or is this just the wireless that doesn’t work?

      Also, it is important to CLONE the MAC address of the computer. You will find that in the router’s configuration settings. If you continue to have problems, please join our free forums for more help.

  15. I’ve followed the steps mentioned, but it still does not work. The modem – when hooked directly to any computer gets me internet access just fine. When run through the Linksys router it does not. I used the “Admin” log in, went to the MAC tab and enabled then saved – shut down and then restarted the modem, router and computer as mentioned – and…nothing. Still no internet access on any computer. Even my desktop which is hard-wired to the back of the router. All of the appropriate lights come on for both the modem and the router – although the router lights blink quite a bit.

    Any ideas?

    1. The router should be setup as a DHCP server and the router should clone the PC’s mac address. If this is the way it is setup, power everything down–including the modem, then confirm the modem is connected to the WAN port of the router. If so, power up the modem first, wait a minute, then power up the router, wait another minute, then power up the PC. If you continue to have problems, please contact our forums.

  16. I did it just as described and still have the same problem. I’ll look at the forums, thanks. And thanks for responding so quickly. Could my router (which is eight years old) be bad?

  17. I am having trouble trying to play Youtube on my Blackberry on my Linksys router at home. It plays on the wifi router at work so it must be my router.Do you know of a way of changing any settings to get it to work?

  18. I have a wrt54g setup in my condo. It’s working fine for wireless, but when I go to my friends next-door, I can’t get the signal. How do I hook up my other linksys wrt110 as a repeater to improve the signal??

    1. Basically, you’ll need to disable its router function, DHCP. I would also assign it a static IP address within the range of your current router. For instance, if the linksys has an IP address of, maybe make the second router Assign the second router a familiar SSID, so you know it’s your router.
      It’s explained in more detail in one of our other articles here:

  19. The modem – when hooked directly to any computer gets me internet access just fine. When run through the Linksys router it does not. i have tried to do the steps in this tutorial but i when i try to Connect The Modem and Router to my laptop i get limited connectivity. why is this ? is my wireless router broken or something. they had to fix my internet modem after a storm we had and since then the wireless is not working. Can anybody help us with this? thanks

    1. Make sure you are plugging in to the router. Wireless will not work when configuring the router. In addition, clone the MAC address of the laptop in the Linksys settings if you have not already done so. For more help, please join our free forums so we can troubleshoot.

    1. Did you put the http:// in front of it? Also, you want to make sure your IP address is on the same network. You can test this by going to Start>Run (or searh box) and type cmd and hit OK. At the prompt type ipconfig /all and hit enter. You IP address should not be something like 169.254.x.x.. The ipconfig /all will also tell you what the default gateway is. The default gateway is likely your router’s IP address.

  20. After following your directions, I still cannot get my router working. I must be missing something. I got all the way through to the powercycle shut down. When I reboot, I do not have an internet connection. The only way I can get my internet connection to work is to plug it straight from the wall into the back of the computer. We do not have a modem. We have a DSL/fiber optic broadband connection and our provider said we do not need a modem. They are right because we used to have a router/connection that actually worked until our router got struck by lightening. Now I am trying to set this new router up on my own and I can’t get it working. I just have a desktop and I am trying to get the router working for my kids XBOX 360 live connection. Do you have any thoughts? Please help.

    1. I have never seen a broadband connection work without a modem. I suspect the old router you had was a modem/router combo provided by the ISP. I have fiber and that’s how we do it. If this is the case, you will need to contact your ISP and have them ship out a new modem/router combo. Does this sound possible? Was the router provided by the ISP originally?

  21. A question : what is the deal when the power light doesnt come up even when its connected to a power outlet, the rest is fine but the power light, does that make a difference?

  22. I need help. I’m at the end of my day and my wits end (not a pretty picture). I have had my Linksys WRT54G for years. Works great. This past year I upgraded my computer, Win7, home premium, SP-1. I plugged in the modem/router, no problems getting my connection. Later in the year, we bought a TV with wireless internet capability. I’m not savvy when it comes to understanding router settings…fairly decent at fixing computer problems but can’t lose the mental block when it comes to routers. In any event, I may not be all that good, but I AM determined. Not sure how but eventually after DAYS of trying I managed to get a stellar connection for the television. Those Irish eyes went smiling!

    So now you know who/what you’re dealing with…lucky you…but please don’t run away 🙂

    Unfortunately, I never know when to stop (glutton for punishment). This x-mas I bought my son a new Samsung Precedent Android cell phone. For the life of me I CANNOT get the wireless connection going on it and that was the reason I wanted that phone for him. I’m 99.9% certain it’s not the phone, and obviously it’s not the router but once again, IS the operator. Not the phone as I made him go to a friends home who is connected to a router, and his connection was instant – imagine that to my dismay. Just proved I really am a dummy with a mental block. Not the router, as said, I already have the computer and a television connected that work wonderfully and also INSTANT.

    The phone shows a strong connection…however, when it gets to asking for a password which works great with my computer and the television, I’m assuming that is the problem WITH the phone. My password for the router is a mere 6 characters. It almost seems like the phone isn’t satisfied and wants a longer password as when I insert the password, the “connect” button remains greyed out on the phone. So how it knows the connection is good baffles ME. If I make up a password using mine then adding any old extra letters..the connect button is no longer grey but of course I know THAT won’t really connect me as that’s not the true password. I was just testing to see if MORE characters might make a difference…and I’m GUESSING it MIGHT…but I’m not savvy enough to know if that really told me anything.

    Question, looking at my options. When I go into networking and sharing within the control panel of my desktop computer. There is a link to “add a wireless device”. If I have the phone in range when I click that option, do you think that could possibly find the phone and solve my problem or am I wishful thinking it could be that easy? – Would THAT make it stop asking for a password every time my son shuts off the G-3 connection and just wants to use Wi-Fi if my computer settings would auto know to recognize it every time he’s home to use the router’s connection?

    Second option, should I just change my password adding more characters in the Linksys set up page…but then the television may not work but hopefully I’ll find the site within the TV settings to change that password next.

    I do love living in the technological world we’re in …but it just loves to frustrate this old lady.

    Any advice with the EASIEST way (if there is such a thing) to solve my dilemma would be much appreciated, even though I don’t plan on trying the advice without first getting a good nights rest 🙂 … …

    Thanks in advance Dave.

    1. You really do not want to use the Windows 7 computer as an access point. You want to stick with the router. I would go into the router and make sure of a couple of things: That the MAC address of the computer is cloned. I would then revisit the wireless connection settings and make sure you are using WPA-2 with a secure password. Lastly, if that doesn’t work, simply shut the router off, wait a few minutes, and then power it back on. The phone should see the connection and be able to connect to it if your other wifi devices can. I would recommend joining our forums for additional help.

  23. Dave,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately, the settings were already where you suggested for my router – cloned MAC and the WPA2 security. Therefore, couldn’t follow that advice. I did however shut off the router just in case by some miracle it would reset and do the trick. No luck.

    I finally gave in and went to the Android Market and downloaded an app that is supposed to cure connection problems…I’m leary of applications that fix problems as often they create more conflicts than they cure. But while the phone has good antivirus installed, now was the time to try and at least I shouldn’t have to worry about getting a virus as my next problem. So far, whatever is in the app, seems to have done the trick. Whether it is a cure or a temporary fix, will be decided in time.

    Again, thank you for your time. It meant a lot to have someone respond.

  24. David Purcell:

    I have read many of your responses and I’m impressed with your knowledge. I am having problems with my Media share option on my Directv receiver which is very similiar to many problems which you have solved.

    Can you possibily give me any help.

    Here are my posts to the Directv Tech:

    No Media Share option in menu on TV
    I have a H24-700 receiver connected wireless to a Laptop running Windows XP. My Router is a Linksys WRT54G. I have verified that I have an internet connection, the TV apps work fine. Additionally my PC recognizes the Directv receiver in Windows Media Player, I see the Directv icon in the media sharing window.

    I have disabled the Firewalls on the computer and did the Red Button reset thing 3 times , still no Media Share option on the Directv Menu.

    I’m certain I have a good internet connection.

    Additional Post to Directv Tech

    I am running WMP version 11, after I did the original post I turned on my desk top computer which is connected directly to my Linjsys Router WRT 54G. Directv receiver recognizes this computer and the media share works fine from the desk top. Once again, my Laptop shows the media share icon in the sharing window when i activate WMP, However my computer does not show up on the screen. When I shut down the Desk Top the music ,Photo option disappears from the Directv menu. Any Ideas, the Desk top works fine which is connected directly to the router. Additionally the TV apps also work fine .
    When I shut down the Desk Top the music ,Photo option disappears from the Directv menu.


    That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The DVR cannot access files on a computer that is powered down. For best results, the computer should be up and running before you “turn on” the DVR. In any event, the instant you shut down the computer, the option will disappear from the DVR menu.

    I certainly understand that !! I am not having problems with the Desktop. If you read my 1st post I am having the problem with the Laptop which is connected wirelessly. Once again when I turned on the Desktop the Media share works fine through the Desktop. The Laptop does not show up at all on the menu under computers. The media share icon is checked on the Laptop in WMP under media sharing however the Laptop does not show up in the menu. When I shut down the Desktop the Music , Photo option disappears completely.

    Basically the Laptop will not work on its own and will not activate the Media share option on the TV , the only computer that is recognized is the desk top.

    I do have a good wireless connection to the Laptop, I have no problem getting on Line, however I cannot network the Laptop with the desktop no matter what I do.

    1. Do you have File and Printer Sharing enabled on the Windows XP laptop? Enable it if it isn’t, then right-click a file to share it. See if the laptop appears on the Windows network. Also, have you tried plugging the laptop into the router to see if the media appears–this would eliminate a lot if it works. Lastly, I recommend posting in our forums, as we have a couple of Direct TV buffs in there. Good luck.

  25. Thanks for the reply ! I will go to the forums, I did try and connect my laptop directly to the router. It does not work that way either.
    Any Ideas before I go to the forums. By the way before the Linksys Router there is a Siemans Modum/Router. I installed the Linksys Router after the siemans because the wireless signal in other parts of my home are much stronger using the Linksys as my router.
    For some reason the Laptop will not access the Netgear WNCE 2001 Universal WIFI N Extender Ethernet Network Adapter.
    The internet connection to the directv receiver all other functions which use the wireless internet connection work fine.
    I have literally disconnected the Desktop which runs the media share on directv and connected the Laptop with the same cable along side the desktop and I cannot access the directv receiver it will not show up or activate the media share option on the TV.
    Sorry for the Long E-Mail can you direct me to the proper forum


  26. Dave, I have an Epson Workforce 545 wireless printer, and a Linksys WRT54GS. The printer and laptop will connect but when I print then printer will show printing on the screen, but then it will go offline, then my laptop will go offline. I called Epson and they went through everything and said the printer was connecting fine and the laptop was reconizing the printer, but for some reason the Linksys may be changing IP addresses for some reason. When we printed a test page from the printer it would show different IP addresses. Any idea what I can do to get the printer and laptop to stay online when I try to print, and it actually print? Thanks, Andy

    1. I would update the driver from the Epson website to make sure you have the latest version. This may be a known issue with and maybe Epson fixed it in an update. Also, I usually assign my printers a static IP address, meaning it will not ask the router for an IP and it will always remain the same. The static IP address will need to resemble the router’s IP address. For example, if the router is then the printer should be set to something like ( if it asks, the subnet mask with then be You do this right from the printer’s control panel and menu–if you have don’t have the instructions, you can usually also find them at the Epson site.

  27. Dave,

    I cannot get my Epson 545 to connect to my linksys router. The router is working properly, and i am entering my key correctly. The report says the key is failing. Printer also does not show an IP address.

    1. Aside from entering the key correctly, have you confirmed you have entered the correct IP address for the router (probably / Also, you can try giving it a static IP address if the DHCP from the router isn’t working. I’m not sure about that particular model, but sometimes you also have to enable the wifi in the printer menu. Good luck. Join our forums if you need more help.

  28. yes – after hours of running around, the “trick” is – remember once setup to pull the power out of the router – wait, then put it back in.
    Swapping laptops over just wont work (like I did 10 times) – you gotta rip that power cable out..

  29. I am the original owner of a WRT56GS. I originally set it up with a password. Now I want to add one.

    I have followed all the guides and reset it, etc. I log into the appropriate IP address, by I only have 3 tabs on it. They are Basic Setup, Mac cloning and Advances Routing. I do not get any other options and I can’t read any of the field labels. etc.

    Any suggestions?

  30. i am trying to connect to my linksys router but my computer wont read i was able to before but wont let me get it i tried run and did that it was saying timed out. i also unpluged everything modem router and computer but still was not able to read that site because my password on my router had changed

  31. I was able to set everything up but t was not working right, so I reset it to factory defaults. Now when I try to login, using just admin as the password it does not work and eventually gives me a 401 unauthorized notice.after 3 tries. I have tried powering it down for a while and even resetting it again. Let me know if there is anything else that can be done.

    1. Username field is left blank, right? Also, make sure you are plugged directly into the router into one of the LAN ports in the back. The PC you’re connecting with should also not have a static IP address assigned to it (which it probably does not unless you specifically assigned one.

  32. Why when I connect my laptop do I not get a light on the router to say my laptop is connected.
    All other lights are on so I can’t hardwire to the router to configure it.
    Can anyone help.

    1. Either the laptop’s ethernet adapter is disabled or the cable is bad. Open your network connections and make sure there isn’t a red X over the connection. If so, right-click and Enable it. If that is good, swap out the cable, as it might be damaged. Lastly, try one of the router ports you KNOW is working.

  33. wen i turned off d router den wen i turned on it doesnt recieves d data so i need to reset it den it recieves d data nd it works whats d problem how can i solve it

  34. Hi,

    I am able to connect to internet through wifi but with with a single laptop. I am unable to connect multiple laptops at the same time. I’m using a linksys wifi router

    Please suggest solutions.


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