Local Network Scanning Software

local network scanner

If your network is getting a bit confusing, you need local network scanning software to help keep track of computers and their IP addresses. The SoftPerfect Network Scanner allows you to scan a range of IP addresses and display detailed information about the computers, users and network shares it finds. You can gain valuable information about the network adapters, such as their MAC address and host names. You can even print out the information and save it. Having robust network scanning software at your disposal can help you manage a small or large network efficiently and spot those rogue problems that plague some network admins.


Features Of SoftPerfect Network Scanning Software

Softperfect Network Scanner has a lot of options, so you can make your scans as detailed or as brief as you want them to be. Some of the features include:

  • Pings computers
  • Detects MAC addresses
  • Detects share folders
  • Scans for listening TCP/IP ports
  • Displays users that are currently logged in

local network scan

Additional Network Scanning Software Tips

If you want to focus on a particular computer, just right-click it to bring up more options, such as opening the computer from your browser or launching Remote Desktop. This network scanning software is a great tool for experienced network admins, as well as general users who just want to keep track of the devices on their network. Print this information out and store it in a place for easy reference. You never know when you’ll need to locate that user account or folder share on the network.

You can download the network scanning software from SoftPerfect. It’s completely free and doesn’t need to be installed to run. Because it doesn’t need to be installed to run, the local network scanner is a great tool to have on your USB drive or DVD along with other helpful software.

Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner.

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