Extend WiFi Range With A Parabolic Reflector

make a custom wifi antenna

You can extend your WiFi range using paper, glue, aluminum foil and scissors. Remarkably, the Ez-12 Parabolic Reflector helps turn your WiFi antenna into more of a directional signal you can point toward your devices and away from neighbors that might be leeching off of your bandwidth. This type of technique is only recommended for those who are having problems with weak signal strength. This is also not recommended for routers that are in a centralized part of the home, as you might create dead spots that weren’t there previously.

FreeAntennas.com has a template you can cut-out to make a Parabolic Reflector. We glued the template to a thicker piece of paper stock, then glued heavy aluminum foil to the back of the stock. You can then cut around the template. When you’re done, you’ll have two pieces. You will then need to insert the tabs of the first piece into the slots of the second piece. You will need to tape the tabs once you insert them through the second piece, or it might come apart.

This example shows the assembled pieces of a Parabolic Reflector without the foil backing:


Once you have the new reflector assembled, simply insert it over your existing antenna and point it in the direction you want to signal to go. FreeAntennas.com will have graphics demonstrating the 9db gain you achieve using this homemade reflector. If it doesn’t work for you, simply remove it.

As a rule with WiFi signals, you should try and keep the router or access point in an area of the house where thick walls, metal support beams or other type of interference can degrade the signal. If you have done that, then this might be a good solution for you to try. You last recourse will be to look up your router’s model and see if you can buy an antenna that can help boost your signal strength.

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