Reset Netgear IP Address

netgear router reset

It may become necessary to reset your Netgear router’s IP address if you have forgotten your log-in credentials. This tutorial will explain how to reset the router to default factory settings, then access the router so you can change the password or setup important features such as wireless encryption.

Your Netgear router will lose any information that was previously stored in it, such as ISP username and password, as well as any special port-forwarding information you entered.

Reset Netgear IP Address To Default

If you look at the rear of your Netgear router, you will find a tiny red reset button. The button will be recessed, so you’ll need a paperclip or the tip of a pencil to depress it. Hold the button for around ten seconds. When you see the test light flash, release the button. The router will then proceed to reboot on its own.

reset netgear IP Address

If you find the router did not reset, you may need to unplug the router while holding the reset button, and then plug it back in as you continue to hold the reset button for around twenty seconds. Release the button and the router should reboot again.

To access the Netgear router’s log-in screen, open your web browser and type in or While these appear to be web pages, the router will redirect them to your router’s login page where you can enter your Netgear router’s default username and password.

Login To Reset Netgear IP Address

If that does not take you to the log-in page, try instead.

The username is admin and the password is password or 1234.

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