How To Easily Share Files Between Mac and PC

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Many homes and offices have a hybrid computer environment, meaning there is the potential need to share files between Mac and PC. Setting up network shares between the two is not very difficult, but certain options must be turned on to allow a Mac computer and a PC to see file shares. The following tutorial will explain what to setting to enable. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will turn on File and Print Sharing and then choose which folders to share.

Change Settings To Share Files Between Mac and PC

Share files between mac and PC
Configure Windows sharing options in Windows 7 to share files with a Mac

To do this in Windows 7, go to the Control Panel and Open the Network and Internet section. Next, click on the Network and Sharing Center. In the left column, select the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link.

This brings up the global settings for your current profile. Click the options to Turn on network discovery, Turn on file and printer sharing, and Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the Public folders.

This allows access for anyone who can see the Public folder on your Windows machine. You can add additional folders within that directory for organization.

On a Mac, you will setup sharing by clicking on Preferences (Apple logo > System Preferences) and then by clicking the Sharing icon.

Share files between a mac and a PC
Configure file sharing options on a Mac to shar files with a Windows PC

Check the services you want to share in the left column, and then select the Shared Folders and the Users you want to allow access to those shares. If you want to grant anyone on the network access to the shared folders, select Everyone in the Users section. You can then choose if you wan to grant Read Only privileges or Read & Write privileges to those users.

Next, click Options in the File Sharing section.

Share files using SMB
Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)

To share files with Windows users, check the Share files and folders using SMB (Windows) box.

Other Options To Share Files Between Mac and PC

Attached Storage (NAS) device. A NAS will allow users to access files when other computers are not on. Mapping a network drive to a NAS and using that mapped drive is an efficient way to share between many different network devices. If you are having issues and need help to share files between Mac and PC, join our free computer repair forums for additional advice.

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