Block A WiFi Connection

disable ssid

Wifi is great, but the technology inherently has risks a wired connection does not. People can “see” your network while walking by your home or by driving through your neighborhood. Even if your network is encrypted, the fact that they can see it can lead to intrusion attempts. There are ways to block a wifi connection or at least make yourself less convenient target. You can apply these techniques to your home network in a relatively short amount of time and sleep peacefully at night knowing your network isn’t being accessed by the entire neighborhood.

Disable SSID Broadcast

Your router announces its SSID (its name) to the world every few seconds so roaming networking devices can see and connect to it. If you know your own SSID–which you should–then you can disable the SSID broadcast in your router. Unfortunately, you will then need to go around to each of your devices and manually input the SSID in their configuration. So you can see how this technique can be more troublesome than it’s worth.

disable ssid

Rather than disabling the SSID, change it to something indistinguishable from your home. For instance, if the router’s SSID is currently BOBS ROUTER, change it to something that can’t be associated with you.

Enable Wireless Encryption

Most newer routers will have WiFi encryption enabled by default. If you do not require a password to access your router, make sure you log into the router and go to the wireless settings and enable WPA-2. Once enabled, login with your computers and you’re all set. Make the password somewhat complicated, so it can’t be guessed or easily cracked.

enable wireless encryption

Limit The Amount Of IP Addresses

You can instruct your router to allow only a set amount of IP addresses at a time. If you have five computers, tell your router to only assign five IP address. To set this up, login to your router and look for the DHCP settings and provide a range of addresses to use. If your routers IP address is set the range to to if you have five computers. Some routers will ask how many IP addresses you want and ask for a starting IP address.

Granted, this also isn’t one of the best ways to block a Wifi connection, but it can make it less convenient for your neighbors to connect to your network.

Prevent MAC Addresses

If you know you have a snooping neighbor, you can also opt to block a specific MAC address by applying filters in your wireless router’s settings. You must first enable the MAC filter, then specify whether you want to “Prevent” certain MAC addresses from connecting to your network or “Permit Only” certain MAC addresses. If you only have a few network devices, such as computers, mobile devices and printers that use the WiFi, you can input Their MAC addresses and apply the “Permit Only” filter. This way only your computers with that unique physical MAC address can connect.

block mac address

To find your computer’s MAC address, go to the command prompt and type ipconfig / all and hit enter. You will see your IP address followed by the network adapters MAC address (Physical Address).

In conclusion, there are many ways to block a WiFi connection. The best way to do it is to use WPA-2 wireless encryption and just be aware of the dangers of having a wireless network. You can occasionally run a local network scanner to make sure the devices that are connecting to your home network actually belong to you and not your neighbor.

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