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review for the D-Link DIR-655 router

The following are wireless router reviews for Cisco and D-Link brand routers–manufacturers we consider to be the best in this class. We chose a router from each of their consumer models and highlight their advantages so you can make a decision when it’s time to upgrade your network to Wireless N technology. When choosing a consumer router, you need to look at price, ease of use, and reliability.

Cisco Valet Plus Review

The Cisco Valet Plus is a fantastic router. We give it high scores in performance, reliability and ease of setup. At around $100, you get a wireless N router that extends the range of your old wireless network, and has four additional ports on the back for wired Gigabit connections.

review for the cisco valet plus router

Other Cisco Valet Plus highlighted features:

  • Easy setup – The router comes with a USB stick. Plug it into your PC to configure the router in a matter of minutes. The USB stick records the data so you can quickly add other computers to the network.
  • Guest Password – Setup your router to give any guests you have over access to the Internet with a password. You no longer have to give them access to your entire network in the process.
  • Parental Controls – You get to decide what sites your children are allowed to see and what times of day they are granted access to the Internet. While you can do these things in Windows, it’s best to do them at the router level.
  • Speed – Wireless N range and speeds that are drastically better than older wireless G routers.
  • Support – The Valet Plus comes with free 24-hour support should you have any problems setting up your network.

The Wireless N router is 2.4 GH, and the software is compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. The box includes the router, setup key, power adapter and quick start guide.

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DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router Review

D-Link’s answer to Cisco’s Valet router is the DIR-655 XTreme N router. At around the same price of $100, the DIR-655 has several features users will love. One advantage over the Valet is the addition of a USB port, which allows you to share a printer or external hard drive over the network. While it doesn’t have the cool USB stick to help setup all of the computers on your network, it does have a relatively easy to use network setup wizard. In addition, it also has the additional 4 ports in the back for wired Gigabit Ethernet connections.

review for the D-Link DIR-655 router

Other D-Link DIR655 highlighted features:

  • Shareport – Allows you to extend network function using the integrated USB port.
  • QoS – Quality of Service to prioritize connections that need speed the most.
  • SecureSpot 2.0 – Is integrated network security for your home computers. Features parental controls, virus protection and SPAM control.

The D-Link DIR-655 is a great router if you’re looking for maximum wireless range, security and performance.

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In conclusion, both of these routers are great and are built by two leading companies in the industry. Hopefully, you can use the wireless router reviews above to make a decision on which brand is best for you. Both links contain valuable consumer reviews at the bottom, which are a very good indicator of how easy these routers are to setup and how well they perform based on individual needs.

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