Read Hotmail And Windows Live Email In Outlook

Get Hotmail and Windows Live emails in Microsoft Outlook

Covering the little niches in Outlook can be a big task as this email program has a lot to offer. Today we will show you how to read Hotmail and Windows Live email in Outlook but the general practice should be similar in all other versions.

You can also use this for Yahoo and other online email accounts as long as you know a few pieces of information of which we will go over here.

Setting Up Hotmail And Windows Live In Outlook

To get your Live or Hotmail online emails into your Microsoft Outlook, it only takes knowing how to set up the POP3 and SMTP correctly although it can be a bit tricky as it isn’t just as straight forward as knowing the addresses. Let’s start by going to “Tools” in the Menu Bar and clicking “Account Settings” and then “New” in the top right corner of the “Account Settings” window.

Get Hotmail and Windows Live emails in Microsoft Outlook

By default, it should select the “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP” radio button, hit “Next.” Then, in the bottom left you should see a “Manually configure..” check box. Check that and hit “Next.” Again you will be prompted to select a radio button of which the default should be set at “Internet Email” which is the one we want. Click “Next.”

Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook

Now you should see a window similar to the picture above. Fill out the fields with your name and email address. The Server Information fields is where we will enter our POP3/SMTP information. For Hotmail or Live email use .com for the Incoming Server(POP3 server) and for the Outgoing mail server(SMTP server). Finally, on this window append the “” to the back of your username in the “Logon Information” field as I have done.

Windows Live emails in Microsoft Outlook

Finally we move onto the last window we need to configure by clicking on the “More Settings” button in the bottom right hand corner of the “Add New Email Account” window. This should take us to the “Internet Email Settings” of which we want to first click on the second tab, “Outgoing Server.” Check the top check box and make sure the first radio button is highlighted being “Use same settings as my incoming mail server.” Now lets click on the last tab “Advanced.” Here we have to click on the “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” check box so it is checked which should also change the port to 995. If it doesn’t, just simply click in the field and edit it. If you are wanting to keep emails in both the Outlook inbox and Hotmail/Live inbox, check the “Leave a copy of messages on the server” otherwise when Outlook pulls them down, it will delete them off of the Hotmail/Live Inbox. When all that is done it should look similar to the third picture in this article. Then hit “Ok” and it will bring you back to the “Add New Email” window which we want to click “Test Account Settings” button to allow Outlook to send out a test message using the server information we have provided. If it says completed on both items, hit “Close” and “Next” then “Finish” and we have successfully set up your Live or Hotmail account in Outlook 2007!

Hotmail And Windows Live Email In Outlook Conclusion

All in all, it is not a very difficult process to set up your Hotmail or Windows Live email in Outlook, although there are some subtleties that can easily be overlooked which will cause it to not function. One such common mistake is not appending the “” in the “Logon Information” section causing it to not be able to log into the POP3 server and mess up the whole process. As long as the guide is followed word for word, you should have no problem setting this up. I personally like the ability to centralize all my emails so I’m not hopping from webpage to webpage looking at my 4 different email accounts. I do usually allow it to leave a copy on the original server so when I do visit those individual emails, they are still there in case the PST being corrupt or hard drive failure I have those copies to fall back on. I have heard that if you are experiencing outgoing email issues that changing the SMTP port to 587 can alleviate the issues although I have not thoroughly tested that out. If you have a second, you should see our article on how to get your Microsoft Office emails in Gmail!

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