Buy Or Build Your Next Computer

Computers die or quickly become obsolete. Having to replace a computer can be an exciting endeavor for some or something that instills dread in others. So when the time comes, do you buy or build your next computer? There is a certain allure for hunting down parts, spreading them all over the table and assembling them. Then the excitement of pressing the power button for the very first time. Or do you opt for the latest Dell or HP and feel comfortable knowing your PC will arrive in working condition?

Reasons To Build Your Next Computer

There are a lot of reason why you want to build your own computer. Consider the following before going to Dell, HP, Acer or Sony:

  • Satisfaction – All geeks will want to build at least one PC in their life. It’s fun and fulfilling.
  • Customization – Put the make and model hard drive you want, the quality RAM and best video card you can afford. You decide what’s in your computer, not the manufacturer.
  • Quality – Not all computer cases, power supplies and motherboards are created equally. Manufacturers might use cheaper parts to bring down the cost of your computer. If you build your own, you can decide where to skimp and where to splurge.
  • Application – You might not have room in your entertainment center or computer desk for a traditional computer. If you build your own, you can pick the case’s form factor, fans and I/O cards to suit your particular needs.

Reasons To Buy Your Next Computer

Even if you’re a geek, there are a lot of reasons to buy your next computer. You might lose some street cred, but buying your next computer does have its benefits:

  • Cheaper – Major brand name computers are usually cheaper. You’re smart enough to know if the PC doesn’t break within the first few months, it will likely last a couple of years. A cheaper computer doesn’t mean you can’t fix it or upgrade it yourself once the warranty ends.
  • Tech Support – If you build your own computer, you’re your own tech support. As bad as it can be, you will have some type of tech support if you buy your next computer.
  • Customization – Even though you’re not building it, you can customize the build if you order your computer online. Get a faster processor, more ram and software upgrades that will already be installed when the computer arrives at your door.
  • It works – There’s no moment of doubt when you finish building your computer. No diagnosing problems when the PC doesn’t initially boot. It just works.
  • You have a business – If you have a business, you need reliability and someone you can call if there is a problem. You can be the greatest tech in the world, but computer problems are going to take you away from your business and ultimately cost you money.

As you can see, there are compelling reasons on both sides. You really need to identify your own needs. If you’ve already built your first computer, there’s no shame on buying a computer from Dell, HP or another major manufacturer. But you might have special gaming requirements or space limitations that necessitate building your own computer.

Feel free to comment on your own pros and cons when making this important decision.

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