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Do I need a new computer? You know that person, the one who simply refuses to upgrade anything. It’s the same person that still gets film developed at Kmart and the person that has the wireless phone with the extend-able antenna. It’s also the person that complains about their 56k Internet connection speed and the fact that it takes “forever” for their computer to boot up. Technology took a massive leap several years ago–across the board with computing, cell phones and digital cameras. A lot of people and business were left behind, afraid or incapable of upgrading for whatever reason.

The “Do I need A New Computer” Checklist

Do I need a new computerWhen your friend, neighbor or relative asks the inevitable question: “Do I need a new computer,” be prepared to answer “yes” if any of these are true:

  1. If your computer has a Floppy Drive–you need a new computer. If your computer actually shipped with a floppy drive, chances are there is a lot of legacy hardware in there that will prevent you from upgrading that machine to a modern Operating System.

  2. If your computer is running Windows Vista or earlier–you need a new computer. If your computer is running an older Operating System that is no longer supported by Microsoft, you can bet it’s crawling with viruses.

  3. If your computer came in a box that looked like a cow–you need a new computer. Sure Gateway is still was a great budget computer manufacturer at the time, but they were hot ten years ago and have faded into oblivion since.

  4. If your computer came with AOL pre-installed–you need a new computer. AOL might have been the originator of crapware (pre-installed trial software). If your PC has that ISP software installed, chances are it’s an old PC. AOL hasn’t been a major ISP for almost a decade.

  5. If your computer doesn’t have a USB 3 port–you need a new computer. If your computer doesn’t have a USB 3 port, it probably also has a floppy drive. USB 3 has been around for a while, but some manufacturers didn’t immediately include that as a stock device for a few years after that. Either way, your computer is old and cannot take advantage of mainstream external hardware.

What To Do When You Buy A New Computer

The biggest challenge for moving forward for some of these machines will be getting their data off. If they have no USB, chances are they have no network card or DVD burner installed. In addition, many of the programs they use, such as MS Works, Wordperfect, or older financial software, may not be readily available on their new machine. The formats may not even exist anymore! Their parallel port printer may also need to go, as most new computers will not have a LPT1 port. So there are many challenges to overcome when you finally talk that person into upgrading. The good news is, they’ll be happy they made the switch and they’ll have a new computer to last them another ten years.

Let us know your answers when someone poses the question: Do I need a new computer? Or do you recommend heading to a computer repair shop for upgrades?

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