Computer Chat

The PCTechBytes Computer Chat Room

Please note the live chat room has been moved to our forums and integrated into our message boards. Chat here.


Welcome to the PCTechBytes Computer Chat Room! The PCTechBytes computer chat room is a great place to get real-time computer help for free. Ask questions about your computer’s hardware and software, or simply chat with other geeks. We will be posting schedules for group chats in our forums.

Important Computer Chat Information

This chat room is not always monitored. We ask that users respect each other and act accordingly. Users that abuse this computer chatroom will be banned by IP address. In addition, use the information provided in the tech chat room at your own risk.

If no one is available in our computer chat room, join our free forums and ask your question there.

While computer chat is a great place to get real-time help, our forums allow multiple users to give responses over a long period of time.

No one in this computer chat room is authorized to ask fo payment. The PCTechBytes chat service is free. If someone asks for money, close the Window and post your question in our moderated forum.