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PCTechBytes has been around since 2002. During that time, some pages may have moved or gone away entirely. The good news is, we have a ton of other great articles and ways to follow us on social media. Try the categories below or try using our search box to look for articles relating to your tech problem.

Acer – Covers topics surrounding Acer computers.

Android – Get our latest Android tips and tutorials.

Apps – Apps for your smart phones and other portable devices.

Browsers – From Internet Explorer, to Firefox, to Chrome, these articles cover various webs browsers.

Dell – Dell computer repair tutorials.

Email – Find solutions to your email woes with these great email articles.

Gadgets – From phones, to tablets, to anything you can charge–we have your gadget needs covered.

Gaming – Articles covering gaming of all types.

Hardware – Tutorials for computer hardware.

Home Theater – Learn how to install your very own home theater system.

HP – Hewlitt Packard computer repair articles for desktops and laptops.

Internet – Questions about the Internet? These tutorials can help you get the most out of the web.

Interviews – Special interviews with tech professionals.

Laptop – Articles dealing specifically with laptop computers.

Lenovo – Lenovo computer help articles.

Mac – Mac and OS X computer tutorials.

Misc – A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Networking – Ethernet and WiFi networking, and other networking tutorials.

Office – Microsoft Office articles.

Opinion – We’re probably wrong, but it’s just our opinion.

Printers – Tutorials to help you print better.

Productivity – Articles to help you be more productive.

Security – Viruses, Malware and Rootkits, oh my!

Software – Our Software picks.

Sony – Sony Computer articles for your VAIO.

Tips – Learn a little with our special computing tips.

Tools – The computer tools we use and recommend.

Troubleshoot – If it’s broke, troubleshoot it with these helpful tutorials.

Windows – General Windows articles.

Windows 7 – Windows 7 articles.

Windows 8 – Windows 8 articles.

Windows 10 – Windows 10 articles.

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