Printer Quality Problems

Printer quality problems can be caused by a number of things, ranging from dirty heads, low toner or even cheap paper. Determining the cause of the problem is the first step. Learning how to fix print quality problems is the second step. Most quality issues can be quickly resolved by running any maintenance tasks in the printer’s menu options. The maintenance option will typically clean and re-align print heads and this is often enough to resolve the problem. But if you are experiencing different issues, like malformed characters or gray backgrounds, you may need to service your printer or adjust the settings in software.

Solve Printer Quality Problems

Light or faded print – This can usually be fixed by replacing the cartridge, or if this is a laser printer, you can remove the toner and shake it. This re-distributes the toner and allows you to resume normal printing until the cartridge can be replaced.

Toner Specks on the paper – This problem is often caused by spilled toner. Open the printer, carefully remove the cartridge, and give it a few bursts of compressed air. Often running several pages or type through will also fix this. If it persists, replace the toner cartridge.

Streaks or lines – Streaking can be resolved by either cleaning the inside of the printer or by replacing the cartridge.

Crooked type– Check to make sure your guides are set properly and that all rollers and other driving mechanisms are functioning properly. Also, check to make sure the correct paper stock is being used.

printer quality problemsWrinkles in paper – This can be caused by high humidity. You can also try flipping the stock over and see if that helps.

Other printer quality problems problems can be corrected through the printer settings. In Windows right-click the printer and choose printing Preferences. From here, you will be able to specify the quality (DPI) or orientation and scale of the print jobs. Incorrect settings here can override the printer’s hardware settings. So if one computer can print without a problem while another is having issues, then a software setting is probably the reason.

Service Printer To Fix Printer Quality Problems

While you can fix printer quality problems using the above techniques, some printers will need to get serviced based on the issue. if you have a problem with a gear or roller, you can order parts, but replacing those parts is often a complicated task. If this is the case, you need to weigh the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement. Older printers become too expensive to fix and maintain, and as technology improves laser printers are getting less expensive and replacing sub-standard ink jet models.

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