Inkjet And Laser Printer Comparison

Printer cartridges are expensive. No matter what type of printing you do, users should try and minimize the cost per page as much as possible. You can lower the printing resolution, look for creative ways to refill ink cartridges or change the way you print. There had been a huge price gap between inkjet printers and laser printers in the past. That gap has closed, and the inkjet and laser printer comparison shows it’s far more economical to use a laser printer as opposed to the ink-guzzling inkjet printers we have all come to hate.

We decided to do a price comparison between two different printing types and see what the printing yield and cost per per page would work out over the course of a year.We used the same website to get the prices, but if you shop around you may find better deals on each. We wanted to see just how much more mileage a laser printer would get over the course of a year so you can make a decision when buying your next printer.

printing yield comparison between laser and inkjet printers

The above table shows two average printers–one is a laser printer and one is an inkjet printer. The cost of the laser is only slightly higher than the inkjet. The cost of the laser printer toner is nearly twice as high as the inkjet, but the yield of the laser printer is over four-times as much. Comparing cost per page over a year at 2600 pages shows the laser printer saved us $75.88 the first year in ink costs.

Find the HP Deskjet 3000 here.

Find the Brother HL-2240 Mono Laser Printer here

It’s also been our experience that laser printers tend to exceed their projected yield while inkjet printers tend to run out sooner than they’re supposed to.

If you’re considering buying a new inkjet soon, or if your inkjet cartridge is almost empty again, consider dumping it for a new laser printer. You will get a faster, more efficient print product and ultimately save enough to buy yourself a new computer in a few years.

Let us know you’re experiences with inkjet printer yield and laser printer yield comparisons.

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