Printer Spooler Fix For Operation Could Not Be Completed

A printer spooler fix for a computer that can no longer print or add printers and receives an error such as, “Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close,” or “Operation could not be completed,” should stop and disable any third-party applications running and allow the Windows Print Spooler service to control printing functions. To correct print spooler issue, locate the name brand of the manufacturer and uninstall that printer. Often, you will need to search the hard drive and remove all traces of the application and even manually stop and disable its service that is running.

Printer Spooler Fix – Disable Service

To disable the service for the offending application, right-click My Computer then select Manage. Locate Services and Applications in the left pane and expand it so you can see the Services option. In the right-pane, look for your printer’s manufacturer and see if it has an entry. If it does, Stop the service, then Disable it and close out. In the same pane, look for the Print Spooler and start it if it is stopped. You will also see an option to Automatically or Manually start it. Make sure Automatic is selected.

printer spooler fix
Disable Print Spooler For Printer Spooler Fix

More Printer Spooler Fix Help

Normally, simply uninstalling the third-party software and installing only the drivers you download from their website will correct this problem. You print spooler should run normally after this point. But if you still need a print spooler fix, be sure to join our free computer forums and provide us the name and error you are getting and we will try and help. As there can be many resolutions for a printer spooler fix, please include the model of the printer and your Operating System version when asking your question. You can also find printer spooler fix and other articles in our printing tutorials section.

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