HP Printer Repairs

HP printer repairs are easily if you have the parts and depending on the problem. Laser printers will often require the replacement of the fuser assembly after a few years, depending on the usage. The fuser can cost hundreds of dollars. But common problems with printers that are used heavily are replacement of pickup rollers and trays that break from abuse. The cost for these parts a far cheaper than the fuser and help prevent the need for HP printer repairs for years after replacement.

HP Printer Repairs – Fuser

The fuser should last a couple of years until you need to replace it. The fuser is the heating and bonding component of laser printers and after a while they wear out. They are very hot, so be sure you turn off your printer and let it cool for an hour or so before replacing the part. The location of the fuser will vary from model to model. But usually it is near the back, where exaust fans can carry the heat and fumes out of the printer. The assembly will usually come out with the removal of a couple of screws and the new fuser should slide right into place.

hp printer repairs
fuser removed from an HP printer

HP Printer Repairs

Other consumable parts for an HP printer will be pickup rollers. They are located above the trays and grab the paper. Over time, they will wear out and you will begin getting paper jams. If your HP printer is older, you should consider purchasing a roller kit that includes all of the rollers that frequently need to be replaced around the same time. You can purchase parts directly from HP or find a reputable dealer over the Internet and have them ship you the parts.

Keeping your HP laser printer maintained properly should keep it  in service for several years. If you have an HP inkjet printer, you need to weigh the cost of servicing it with the cost and quality of the printer. Unless the injet is a multi-function printer, you’re probably better off recycling it and buying a laser printer, which is more economical and generally better quality.

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