Tips On How To Save On Printing Costs

Save money by printing to grayscale

In this economy, there are a lot of things we can do to save money at home or in the office. Adjusting your printing habits and using these techniques will allow you to save a ton of cash. To do this, you will need to edit your preferences. In Windows 7, go to the Start button, and then choose Devices and Printers. Next, right-click your printer and select Printing Preferences. Follow the steps below to maximize your printing savings.

Easy Ways To Save Money Printing

These are a few easy methods we recommend to cut printing costs. Printing is probably the single most expensive office expense. This is partly because some employees do not care about resources or their managers do not provide ways to save. These are a few simple things that can be implemented to dramatically cut printing costs at home and at the workplace.

Save On Materials – It all starts with the materials. Generally we do not recommend buying generic cartridges, but if you can fine a brand that works with your model, you begin saving right away. Preferably, you would buy original manufacturer cartridges in economy packs of two or more instead. Buying in bulk is a great way to save. You can also buy a lower grade, multipurpose paper for printing jobs that do not require a higher-quality stock. If you do go with a thinner stock, be sure to specify this in the preferences to reduce the likelihood of paper jams.

Buy A Laser Printer – Laser printers are by-far the most economical way to print–especially in larger quantities. An ink jet printer cartridge will need to be replaced more often and ultimately costs hundreds (if not thousands) more than laser printer toner over its lifetime. Laser printers have come down dramatically in price.While the toner might cost more up front, the cartridge will last a lot longer.

Tip: be sure to look for a network-ready laser printer so everyone on the network can print to it.

Print In Economy Mode or Grayscale – We highly recommend adjusting the quality settings in your printer for normal day-to-day printing. You can lower both the brightness and contrast of the printout and still easily be able to read the text. You can also set color documents to print to black and white.

Save money by printing to grayscale

Most printers will give you the option to manually adjust the level to a degree where you feel you are not sacrificing readability for savings.

Print Two Pages On One Sheet – Another often overlooked way to save money is by printing two pages to one sheet. You can also print two pages to one sheet on both sides, effectively saving three sheets of paper and toner.

print two pages to one sheet

For this particular model, the option to print two pages to one sheet was located under the Profile settings. Your printer model might list this option under a different setting.

Setup Default Economy Printer – Switching these settings back and forth between economy mode and default quality is a pain. Therefore, we recommend you setup two printers in Windows. In fact, you can setup as many as you want using the same printer! You do this by installing the printer the same way you initially installed it on your computer. Windows will prompt you to “Replace Existing Driver” or “Keep Existing Driver.” Keep the existing driver. Next, name it something like Economy Printer and then go in and set the printer preferences as described above. Save these options, and then switch to this printer whenever you want to save money. You may even choose this printer as your default printer and switch to the normal printer whenever you need to print high-quality jobs.

Preview Print Jobs – Lastly, most applications will allow you to preview your print jobs before you send them print them out. Looking at a preview will allow you to fix margins or other formatting problems before you print out a hard copy.

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