Best Free Online Audio And Video Tools

Aviary online audio and video tools

The tools you find online today are simply amazing. Gone are the days of needing high-powered, expensive computers and proprietary software. Gone are the days of losing production time while waiting for someone to finish a project. And gone are the days of needing to search the web to find them–we found them for you. If you need tools to help you perform free audio and video editing online, you simply must try these, then these are the best online audio and video tools you’ll find.

Free Online Audio and Video Tools


Aviary online audio and video tools

Aviary is unlike any site we’ve seen. It has a suite of so many powerful tools, you’ll spend hours there creating audio and video, as well as watching what others have managed to do. The suite currently includes the following:

  • Image Editor that allows you to create or edit images using layers and editing tools similar to Photoshop.
  • Screen Capture using the Talon Firefox plugin allows you to take full screen captures or a region of a page, then edit it online or save it to your computer.
  • Vector Editor uses the Raven engine to create fully scalable vector art appropriate for logos or tee shirt designs.
  • Effects Editor allows you to create amazing things using Peacock.
  • Music Creator allows you to create loops and simulations from various instruments.
  • Audio Editor allows you to create mixes and beats from audio sources. Very similar to Garage Band.
  • Image Markup allows you to grab images from anywhere and put circles, arrows and comments on them.

There’s just so much you can do with Aviary, you really have to look at their site. Visit the Aviary website.


online video editing

If you want to do video editing online, then this tool is a must. It’s very similar to Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere. Simply drag and drop video clips, insert transitions and audio clips on the fly and then save the movie so you can download it to your computer. You can even export the finished product directly to YouTube.

Visit the JayCut website to look at their demo. The site is completely free, so be sure to register.


online video screen capture

ScreenToaster is a free online video screen capture program that allows you to capture video of your screen in real time. Save the video to your computer or directly to YouTube. The quality is great and the interface is very easy to use. If you want to do training videos, lectures or demos, then this is a great online tool. You can register and work on saved or existing projects anytime. To begin recording, just click the big red button on their homepage.

Visit the ScreenToaster website to create your free account.


download clips from Youtube

ClipNabber allows you to download movies from YouTube and save them in several different formats. If you do not want to embed the YouTube Video (which is Flash) onto your website, or if you want to edit the clip, then you’ll need it to be in another format and Clipnabber allows you to save it as a MP4, Mobile or FLV file.

Visit the ClipNabber website to nab you some clips.


online image editor

Pixlr is a free online image editor. It’s an easy to use Flash-based tool similar to Photoshop that allows you to create or edit images and then save them to your computer. You can create layers, effects, crop and add text. It’s a very useful tool for those who do not need all of the creation power of Photoshop.

Visit the Pixlr online image editor website.

In conclusion, all of these tools are useful and provide different services that are completely free. So if you’re looking for free applications online to help you stay productive and do things you were previously only able to do with expensive hardware and software, check out these sites and let us know what you think.

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